1318 Framed

Holding his shoulder, Dao Wen staggered in.
When he saw Mr.
Chen, his eyes were filled with hatred.
He yearned to cut Mr.
Chen into pieces.

When his gaze fell on Cui Huai, his eyes instantly lit up.
He quickly walked up to Cui Huai and said anxiously, “Mr.
Cui, I’ve already confirmed that Chen Quan is the mole.

Before Dao Wen could finish speaking, Ba Song, who was standing at the side, couldn’t help but step forward and punch him.
Dao Wen staggered back a few steps.

Dao Wen finally stabilized himself.
Just as he was about to speak, he heard Ba Song say angrily, “Dao Wen, I was really blind to think that you’re my brother.
Not only are you a traitor, but you also wanted to frame Mr.

“I’m not a traitor!” Dao Wen became anxious, his expression anxious.
He looked at Cui Huai and saw him looking at him suspiciously.
He was so angry that he panted heavily.
He hurriedly said, “Mr.
Cui, you have to believe me.
I won’t lie to you!”

Cui Huai sat there calmly and said nothing.

Dao Wen looked at Cui Huai in disbelief.
He raised his hand and said, “Mr.
Cui, if you don’t believe me, I can swear! If there’s a single lie in my words, I’ll die without a burial ground!”

Many people in MY believed in ghosts and gods.
No one would suspect that Dao Wen was lying.

The atmosphere in the living room grew tense again.
It was so suffocating that one could barely breathe.

Chen sat there calmly and slowly lit a cigarette.
He looked at Dao Wen calmly and asked with a smile, “Are you still going to say that I’m Gu Yue? I killed Chen Quan and have been by Mr.
Cui’s side!”

Dao Wen looked at Mr.
Chen in shock.
Then, he recalled Gu Zhou’s words and an idea flashed across his mind.

He was instantly enlightened.
He immediately understood and said loudly, “Alright, alright.
You’ve finally admitted it.
When we were in the ward just now, Gu Zhou said that you were his eldest brother.
The two of you are so close!”

When Mr.
Chen heard Dao Wen’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh.
He didn’t expect Gu Zhou to have grown up and already know how to cooperate with him.

The smile on his face gradually disappeared.
He began to applaud Dao Wen and said calmly, “Yes, you’re right.
Gu Zhou admits that I’m his eldest brother, so you said that I’m Gu Yue.
You’re really hopelessly stupid!”


When Dao Wen heard Mr.
Chen’s words, he looked puzzled.
Had he said something wrong?

He had clearly eavesdropped on Gu Zhou and the others’ private conversations.
What Gu Zhou had said back then must have been true!

Cui, he has already admitted that he is Gu Yue!” Dao Wen pointed at Mr.
Chen and said loudly.

Chen looked at Dao Wen calmly and said, “Dao Wen, do you remember who inspected Gu Yue’s corpse?”


When Dao Wen heard Mr.
Chen’s words, he was slightly stunned.
Then, his expression instantly turned ugly.
“Looks like you’ve already remembered,” Mr.
Chen said.
He looked down at the kneeling Dao Wen and continued, “I brought Gu Yue’s corpse back.
You personally examined Gu Yue’s corpse.
Moreover, Mr.
Cui also saw Gu Yue’s corpse.
Cui asked you to deal with Gu Yue’s corpse.
Am I right?”

Dao Wen opened his mouth slightly and looked at Mr.
Chen in surprise.

Chen continued, “But now, you’re saying that Gu Yue wasn’t the one who died back then.
You’re even saying that I was Gu Yue.
Or could it be that you secretly hid Gu Yue after you saved him? Or could it be that you’re the real Gu Yue? Are you following us on purpose to disrupt our mission?”

Dao Wen’s face turned red with anger.
He said loudly, “You… you’re spouting nonsense.
I’m not Gu Yue at all!”

“Qiao Nian called you Brother.
She seems to be Gu Zhou’s wife.
Either the two of you are in a relationship, and she calls you Brother, or you’re really her brother!” Mr.
Chen looked at Dao Wen coldly and spoke about his guess calmly.

With that, he took out his cigarette and took another drag.
He slowly blew out a smoke ring and watched it disappear in front of him.

Cui Huai sat there and listened to the two of them argue!


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