1315 Injured

However, what he did not understand was why Chen Quan did not save Gu Zhou.
Did he trust Gu Zhou that much?


At the amusement park, Gu Zhou had faced more than twenty people alone!
It was embarrassing.
Those pieces of trash he had trained had not been able to kill Gu Zhou.
Instead, they had been arrested!

He had asked Cui Yong to kill Gu Zhou because he didn’t want Chen Quan to know.
He was worried that Chen Quan would ruin his plans.

This was the third time he had sent someone to kill Gu Zhou today.
He just didn’t know if they could complete the mission.

“Whether there’s a mole or not…” Cui Huai paused for a moment and looked up at Chen Quan with contempt.
He enunciated each word clearly.
“There’ll be news soon.”

Chen Quan nodded and shook the ashes in his hand into the ashtray.
After some serious thought, he said, “We can only wait.”

People who went on missions usually did not bring cell phones with them.
That was because cell phones were very likely to expose their identities, so they could not contact the people on the mission now.

The living room returned to normal.
The servant shakily served tea and left.

About twenty minutes later, there was the sound of a car outside, followed by messy footsteps.

Cui Huai wanted to stand up and take a look at the situation outside, but seeing that Chen Quan was still calmly sitting there, he sat there with a dark expression.

At this moment, Ba Song walked in with Chang Feng on his back.
He shouted tearfully, “Mr.
Chen, something’s wrong.
Call the doctor over.
Chang Feng is injured.
He’s almost out of breath!”

When Mr.
Chen heard Ba Song’s words, his face instantly turned pale.
He hurriedly stood up and threw the cigarette in his hand to the ground, walking out in a panic.

Cui Huai, who was sitting on the other side, looked at Chen Quan’s nervous and flustered expression.
His lips curved up slightly.
He was indeed the calmest person.
Chen Quan was still too inexperienced.


Before Dao Wen carried out his mission, he had specially sent a message to Dao Wen, asking him to pay attention to Chang Feng’s movements at all times.
If Chang Feng helped Gu Zhou, he would kill him directly!

Cui Huai stood up happily.

Dao Wen, Ba Song, and Chang Feng were on a mission tonight.

Dao Wen was his subordinate.
Five years ago, he had given Dao Wen to Chen Quan and asked him to monitor his every move.
As long as there was anything wrong with Chen Quan, he would kill him!

All these years, Dao Wen had never made a mistake.
Compared to Chen Quan, he trusted Dao Wen more.

Ba Song had a one-track-mind.
It was fine for him to do manual work, but it was impossible for Ba Song to be a spy.
Ba Song could not hide anything in his heart, which meant that he would not be lying!

Now that Chang Feng was injured, it meant that Dao Wen had injured him.
It also meant that there was really something wrong with Chen Quan.

Chen Quan, this day next year will be the anniversary of your death!

Ba Song felt Chang Feng’s breathing grow softer and softer behind him.
His eyes turned red as he said sadly, “Brother Feng seems to be still a little breathless.
Hurry up and call the doctor over!”

Chen Quan looked at Chang Feng on Ba Song’s back, his pupils trembling slightly.
This was the first time he had seen Chang Feng’s face without any blood.
It was as if Chang Feng was already dead…

Realizing this, Chen Quan’s heart clenched tightly.

However, before Chen Quan could get close to Chang Feng, Cui Huai brought bodyguards and walked up to Chen Quan, grabbing him.

Chen Quan glanced at the two bodyguards holding him.
A trace of confusion flashed in his eyes as he looked at Cui Huai not far away in confusion.

Cui Huai slowly walked up to Chen Quan and said with a dark expression, “Chen Quan, you’ve really disappointed me.”

Chen Quan frowned slightly and looked at Cui Huai in confusion.
His eyes turned cold.
“What do you mean?”

“Chang Feng is a traitor!” Cui Huai said coldly.

Ba Song, who was standing at the side, was stunned.
Although he couldn’t understand what had happened between Mr.
Huo and Mr.
Chen, he knew that if he had been any later, Chang Feng might really have died.
He said anxiously, “Mr.
Huo and Mr.
Chen, now is not the time to discuss who is right or wrong.
The mission failed because Dao Wen told his girlfriend, Qiao Nian, all the news about our attack, causing our mission to fail!”

When Chen Quan heard the words “Qiao Nian”, he frowned.

Cui Huai was also puzzled.


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