1305 Helpless

Gu Zhou’s eyes instantly turned cold.
A bloodthirsty smile appeared on his lips as he said lightly, “Cui Huai has a lot of influence in MY.
I heard that he’s running for vice president of MY.
No one is willing to go against him.”

Gu Zhou took another sip of porridge, his gaze sharpening.
“I think Cui Huai must also be monitoring the Interpol.
Cui Huai probably knew about Kan Shan’s confession long ago.”


“In that case, don’t trust Interpol.
Bring our people over.
When the time comes, get them to guard Kan Shan.
We just have to get Kan Shan to tell the truth.” At this point, Gu Zhou seemed to have thought of something and asked, “I remember there’s another group of people.
Where are they?”

“Luo Tai and his subordinates are mercenaries to begin with.
They listen to whoever pays them.
He was hired by Cui Huai to kill you this time.” Chen Qing frowned and said helplessly, “Luo Tai wants to identify Cui Huai, but he doesn’t have any substantial evidence.
He has no evidence.
It’s useless.”

“What do you mean by there’s no evidence?” Gu Zhou’s voice turned colder, and his expression darkened.

“Luo Tai is a mercenary.
When he’s active in MY, he’s always paid to do things.
This time, Cui Huai gave him an order.
The person who transferred the money to him was Kan Shan, not Cui Huai.
The money didn’t flow from HH Corporation either.
There’s no way to prove that he was hired by Cui Huai,” Chen Qing explained in detail.
“Young Master Qin asked Luo Tai to shut up with Interpol, so Luo Tai didn’t say anything.”

Gu Zhou had been hungry, but when he heard the current situation, he lost his appetite.

This time, he had almost been killed.
It wasn’t easy for him to capture those people alive, but they didn’t have any evidence to prove that Cui Huai was the mastermind.

Interpol relied on evidence.
As long as they didn’t have any evidence, Interpol wouldn’t attack Cui Huai.

When he fought the mercenaries, he wanted to leave them alive and wait for them to confess.
He did not expect that he could not drag Cui Huai down with him.

This time, not only did Cui Huai want his life, but he also wanted his wife and children’s lives.
He could not take this lying down.

Gu Zhou tried hard to remain calm.
This time, everyone related to Kan Shan had been arrested.
Perhaps one or two of them were unwilling to confess, but the others would definitely confess.

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou and said in a low voice, “After I finished your surgery, someone pretended to be a doctor and tried to drug you.
The Interpol has already tested it.
That person injected poison into your medicine bottle.
If that poison enters your body, your lungs will be blocked in less than ten minutes, and you’ll suffocate to death.”



“What’s that person’s name?” Gu Zhou had not expected anyone to want to kill him while he was unconscious.
“Cui Yong.
I heard that he’s a distant relative of Cui Huai.” Qiao Nian pursed her lips and said sternly, “But Cui Yong didn’t confess that Cui Huai was the mastermind.”

Chen Qing continued Qiao Nian’s words.
“Second Young Master and Second Young Madam, Cui Yong has already been bailed out!”

When Qiao Nian heard Chen Qing’s words, her pupils dilated.
She frowned and asked, “What?”

“Cui Huai got someone to bail him out?”

Chen Qing nodded.

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou worriedly and said softly, “Yes, I think they want to keep us in MY.”

Gu Zhou thought of his eldest brother, Gu Yue.

Six years ago, Gu Yue had deliberately faked his death and pretended to be Mr.
Chen to get close to Cui Huai in order to protect the Gu and Lu families.

Why did Cui Huai want to deal with the Gu and Lu families?

Gu Zhou frowned.
He looked up at Qiao Nian and said in a low voice, “If we die, there won’t be anyone in charge of the Gu family.
They’ll easily take over the entire Gu family.”


“If I’m not wrong, Cui Huai will definitely send more people over.” Gu Zhou frowned and looked up at Chen Qing, his expression serious.
“Is the hospital guarded?”

Chen Qing nodded.
“Second Young Master, you don’t have to worry.
I’ve already arranged everything.
Not only that, but Interpol has also increased the police force to protect you and Kan Shan.”


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