1287 Get lost!

Xiao Bao took out the gun from his pocket and handed it to Gu Zhou.
His eyes were red as he said, “Dad, I don’t have many bullets.”

If he had known, he would have asked his father to give him more bullets!


“It’s fine.
These are enough.” Gu Zhou looked at Xiao Bao’s little face, which was about to cry.
“Little man, stay here and watch over Mommy.”
Xiao Bao nodded vigorously, trying hard not to cry.
“I’ll protect Mommy well.”

Qiao Nian had many things to tell Gu Zhou, but when the words reached her mouth, she only said, “Be careful.
Don’t get hurt.”

Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian’s reluctant gaze.
His gaze moved down and landed on Qiao Nian’s lips.
He said softly, “When I return, I want a reward.”

After the two of them had been together for a long time, Qiao Nian instantly understood Gu Zhou’s gaze.
Her nervousness and worry dissipated a little.

Gu Zhou’s lips curved up slightly, as if he was going out to play.
He walked out.
When he reached the door, he turned back to look at Qiao Nian and Xiao Bao and waved at them.
In the next second, he closed the door without hesitation.

The moment the door closed, the smile on Gu Zhou’s face did not change.
His eyes instantly turned cold.
His cold gaze was like a sharp blade that could pierce the enemy’s heart at any time.

Gu Zhou took the lead and walked towards the stairs.
The remaining three bodyguards looked at each other, then nodded in an unspoken mutual understanding.

The bodyguard standing at the front took a step forward and reminded him, “Second Young Master, Chen Qing is about to arrive.
We should hide first.”

Gu Zhou stopped in his tracks.
He turned back to look at the bodyguard with an indifferent expression, his eyes filled with coldness.
He did not speak and just looked at the bodyguard quietly.

When the bodyguard was glanced at by Gu Zhou, he felt as if he was in a glacier in the dead of winter.
He shivered.
Not daring to look Gu Zhou in the eye again, he hurriedly lowered his head.

Gu Zhou glanced at the two bodyguards again.
They were also so frightened that they did not dare to look at him.

The bodyguards were so frightened that their hearts were in their throats.
Suppressing their fear, their legs trembled.

Gu Zhou gradually retracted his gaze.
All these years, he had recruited countless bodyguards, but in the end, only Chen Qing was left.

The bodyguard he trusted and relied on the most was Chen Qing.

In the past, he sometimes felt that Chen Qing was a little stupid, but when something happened, he subconsciously wanted to call on him.

In the past, he didn’t understand why he trusted Chen Qing so much.
Now, he understood because other bodyguards would only choose to retreat when they were in danger.

But Chen Qing was different.
Chen Qing would only advance and retreat with him.

The three bodyguards did not expect Gu Zhou to say such a thing.
They were all shocked and looked at each other.

“I’m sorry, Second Young Master.” The bodyguard who had spoken previously stepped forward again.
“My family is also waiting for me to return.
I’m really sorry.”


Gu Zhou glanced at the bodyguard, a trace of ridicule flashing in his eyes.
“Get lost!”

When the three bodyguards received Gu Zhou’s affirmative answer, they heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly ran out.

The three bodyguards fled in another direction.
Without hesitation, Gu Zhou walked towards the stairs.

Qiao Nian, who was hiding in the room, naturally heard everything Gu Zhou and the bodyguards were saying clearly.
Helplessly, she closed her eyes.

It seems that they needed to find bodyguards who were more loyal in the future.
There were not many of them.

Xiao Bao seemed to sense Qiao Nian’s sorrow.
He obediently laid in Qiao Nian’s arms and reached out to hug her neck, as if comforting her not to be sad.

Qiao Nian heaved a sigh of relief and hugged Xiao Bao tightly.

Gu Zhou loaded the gun and walked downstairs with a dark expression.

Suddenly, footsteps came from the stairwell.

Qiao Nian and Xiao Bao were hidden on the third floor by Gu Zhou.
Gu Zhou had already reached the second floor.
He glanced at his surroundings and understood.
He was hiding in the dark.
When the first person climbed to the second floor, he shot that person’s right hand without hesitation.


In the darkness, the man’s scream resounded throughout the entire studio!


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