1279 A Man

Qiao Nian was really happy.
Her children were all fine, and they could even return to her side.
Moreover, Xiao Bao didn’t look like he had suffered.

“Xiao Bao, are you hungry? Do you want to eat cotton candy?” Qiao Nian knew that children liked to eat sweets, so she asked with a smile.

When Xiao Bao heard Qiao Nian’s words, his eyes were filled with laughter.
He shook his head.
“Xiao Bao is already a man.
He doesn’t eat candy anymore.”

When Qiao Nian heard Xiao Bao’s words, she couldn’t help but laugh.
This child’s personality was completely different from Gu Qi and Xiao Shi.
He looked even more lively.

Just as she was about to speak, a scream came from not far away, causing a commotion.

Seeing this, Gu Zhou frowned.
He immediately shielded Qiao Nian and Xiao Bao in his arms and brought them to a corner, looking warily at the place that had caused the commotion.

At this moment, someone shouted.

Qiao Nian could tell that the person was speaking a language from MY.
The gist was that someone had stolen his wallet.

Before Qiao Nian could speak, Xiao Bao took out his gun from his pocket.

Qiao Nian and Gu Zhou were slightly stunned.
They hadn’t expected Xiao Bao to carry a gun with him.

Xiao Bao had grown up in MY and had learned the language.
He gripped the gun in his hand tightly and stared unblinkingly at the thief.

Many people around them noticed the gun in Xiao Bao’s hand and took a few steps back in fear.
A few of them gathered in panic, and the entire amusement park was in a mess.

It was as if Xiao Bao couldn’t hear the screams of those people.
He stared unblinkingly at the thief, as if searching for the right time.

Seeing Xiao Bao ready to shoot, Qiao Nian’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.
One second, he was a cute child, and the next, he had become a little soldier with a gun!

This boy was only a child.
Why was he carrying a gun?

Qiao Nian had a nagging feeling that the child was too young to hold a gun.
She reached out to take the gun from Xiao Bao’s hand.

Gu Zhou also felt that it was not good for a child to hold a gun too early.
Just as he was about to take the gun away from Xiao Bao, his gaze inadvertently fell on the patterns on Xiao Bao’s gun.
He was slightly stunned.

He was very familiar with this pattern.
The bullet that had saved Qiao Nian previously had the same pattern.

Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian hesitated for a moment, but Xiao Bao had already pulled the trigger.



The sound of a silenced gun rang out, and the thief not far away fell to the ground.
Although he had hit the thief, he was not bleeding.
Instead, he was holding his hand and leg and crying out in pain.
Qiao Nian explained to the people around her in MY’s language, “I’m sorry for scaring everyone.
My child uses a toy gun, not a real gun!”

Everyone also saw that the thief had fallen to the ground and was not bleeding.
If this was a real gun, the thief would definitely bleed if he was hit.

Since it wasn’t a real gun, they weren’t afraid anymore.
One by one, they hurriedly rushed forward to help subdue the thief.
Some of them applauded Xiao Bao for his marksmanship.

Gu Zhou glanced at Xiao Bao with a complicated expression, then walked towards the crowd.
He stared intently at the ground, searching for steel bullets.

Xiao Bao puffed out his chest proudly and put the gun in his pocket.
He snorted and said, “Bad person, let’s see if you dare to steal again!”

With that, Xiao Bao looked at Qiao Nian with stars in his eyes, as if seeking praise.
“Mommy, wasn’t my shooting just now very accurate? That baddie will definitely lie in bed for half a month later.
Bad people should be punished.”

Seeing that Qiao Nian was silent, he smiled and said, “Mommy, my gun really isn’t a real gun.
It’s specially made.
It’s filled with steel bullets.
It won’t kill anyone!”

Steel Bullet!

Qiao Nian looked at Xiao Bao in disbelief.
Just as she was about to speak, Gu Zhou walked over from the crowd and handed something to Qiao Nian.

“Indeed…” Qiao Nian looked at the steel bullet in Gu Zhou’s hand in shock.
Then, she looked at Xiao Bao not far away and couldn’t help but hug him tightly.
“Xiao Bao, you were the one who shot someone to save me in the suburban villa, weren’t you?”

At that time, Gu Zhou had said that the person who had fired the gun was very likely a young man or a child, because this person might not want to kill someone directly.


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