1269 Good Dishes

Xiao Shi sat there playing games.
Seeing that Xiao Bao barely stood up for a few minutes, she couldn’t help but feel her heart ache.
She texted, “Baby Xiao Bao, do you want to add Brother and me so that we can bring you around because you’re too lousy?”

Xiao Shi really felt that Xiao Bao did not look like a bad person.

Could it be that everything before was a misunderstanding?

Many people knew that she and her brother were siblings in the game.
Perhaps Baby Xiao Bao knew her and her brother’s identities like this.

Xiao Bao looked at the words on the window and smiled happily.
He said happily, “Yes, I heard that you’re amazing!”

Xiao Bao continued to send a series of texts.
“But I was blocked by you.”

Shi Shi said, “Oh, Brother and I will unblock you later.
When the time comes, we’ll play games together.
Good luck.
Don’t die again!”

Seeing his sister’s encouraging words, a happy smile appeared on Xiao Bao’s face.
His sister was really gentle.

Qiao Nian was in the middle of a team battle.
When she saw their conversation, she was slightly stunned.
An idea flashed across her mind.
She seemed to have realized something and stood motionless under the tower.

Gu Qi said that the account called Baby Xiao Bao had been adding him and his sister.

Baby Xiao Bao was Eldest Senior Brother’s account.
Eldest Senior Brother said that he wanted to add Gu Qi and Xiao Shi, but they rejected him.

Q? Gu Qi?

Shi Shi? Xiao Shi?

Was this a coincidence?

How could there be so many coincidences in this world?

It could only mean one thing.
Q and Shi Shi were Gu Qi and Xiao Shi.

Qiao Nian looked at the two people in the game in disbelief, unable to come back to her senses for a long time.

Gu Zhou watched as Qiao Nian looked at her cell phone with a variety of expressions.
This was the first time he had seen Qiao Nian with so many expressions.
It seemed that Qiao Nian really liked to play games with her senior brother.

Was this game that interesting?

Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian’s phone screen.
Seeing that she was motionless, he asked in confusion, “Why aren’t you playing?”

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou beside her and said with a complicated expression, “I think I’ve discovered my son’s alias.”

Gu Zhou was confused.

Qiao Nian reached out to Gu Zhou and said, “Give me the phone.”

Qiao Nian kept switching to Mr.
Q’s page.
Seeing Gu Zhou take the phone, she said, “Call Xiao Qi now.”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Gu Zhou called Gu Qi directly.
At the same time, he turned on the speaker and handed the phone to Qiao Nian.

As the jungler, Gu Qi saw that the support at the bottom lane was already dead.
The archer stood under the tower in a daze, not moving.

He controlled the hero to rush over and was about to protect the archer when the other party had already killed him.
At this moment, he was about to kill the two other heroes when his phone rang.
He hurriedly picked up.
“Mommy, I’m playing a game.
I’ll call you later!”

The moment Gu Qi’s call went through, Qiao Nian realized that the hero in the jungle was stunned for a moment.
Only then did she kill the two heroes opposite her.

Q.” Qiao Nian looked at the game screen and greeted.

Qiao Nian realized that the hero of the jungle was standing rooted to the ground in confusion.
Gu Qi’s stammering voice came from the cell phone.
“Mommy… you… you know?”

Qiao Nian really hadn’t expected Mr.
Q to be her son.
She was surprised for a moment, then said excitedly, “I’m the marksman.”


Gu Qi, who had always been calm, was stunned.
He looked at the game page in disbelief and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Are you the person who gave me the fifteen yuan?”


Gu Qi was stunned.

Qiao Nian was also a little stunned.

Qiao Nian still remembered that the reason why she could play games with Gu Qi was because the first place in the national server owed a huge sum of money.
He had no choice but to play games with others to earn money.


This matter alarmed the media at that time, and it even became a trending topic.
Everyone was guessing how much the first place in the national server owed.
Some said that it was millions or tens of millions.

However, no one expected that he only owed fifteen yuan.

She was his sugar daddy and creditor.

There were really too many coincidences in life!

It was such a coincidence that she couldn’t believe all of this.

No wonder when she was in the Gu family, she wanted to play games with him but was rejected by Gu Qi.
She didn’t mind at that time and thought that children had their own secrets.

Just now, she had been thinking about helping Gu Qi score points in the game.
Now, it seemed that she had been too careless.
Gu Qi should have been the one to help her score points.

“Mommy really didn’t expect you to be so talented in games.
Xiao Qi, you’re amazing!” Qiao Nian said happily.


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