1256 Knowing

Chen was silent.

Xiao Bao knew that his father was still angry.
His little face fell and he said pitifully, “Xiao Bao really knows his mistake.
Daddy, don’t be angry with Xiao Bao.
How about you hit my butt, okay?”

Seeing how obedient and adorable Xiao Bao was, Mr.
Chen’s heart softened.
The way he looked at Xiao Bao softened a lot.

Chen’s expression improved a lot.
He took Xiao Bao’s hand and pulled him in front of him.
He picked him up and placed him on his right leg.

Xiao Bao had a pair of beautiful fox-like eyes.
Perhaps it was because he was unhappy, but his eyes drooped slightly.

“Xiao Bao, don’t do such dangerous things again.” At this point, Mr.
Chen paused and continued, “Do you still remember what Daddy told you about the butterfly effect?”

Xiao Bao nodded and agreed softly.
“I know.”

“No one knows what butterfly effect your actions today will have.
Your wish to be with your mommy and daddy as soon as possible might be ruined.” Mr.
Chen was really worried that Xiao Bao would have other impacts on his plan.
He had been hiding for many years.
He could not let his efforts go to waste now.

Xiao Bao nodded obediently.
He looked at his father.
He could clearly sense that his father was really worried about him.

“Daddy!” Xiao Bao threw himself into Mr.
Chen’s arms and rested his chin on his shoulder.
His voice was a little choked.
“Daddy, Xiao Bao loves you the most!”

When Mr.
Chen heard Xiao Bao’s voice, his eyes turned red.
He couldn’t help but hug Xiao Bao tightly.

If possible, he really hoped that Xiao Bao was his child…

Suppressing the regret in his heart, Mr.
Chen gently patted Xiao Bao’s back and said gently, “I’m sorry.
Was I too serious just now? Did I scare you?”

“No, Xiao Bao isn’t afraid of Daddy.” Xiao Bao sniffled and recalled seeing Mommy’s face today.
It was as if a huge rock was pressing down on his chest, suffocating him.
He said in a low voice, “Daddy, Mommy is so beautiful!”


“Mommy is so amazing.
She can easily beat those bad people up until they can’t get up!”

“I know.”

Chen gently rubbed Xiao Bao’s head.
He had seen her at her most beautiful.

Chen slowly closed his eyes and opened them again.
He threw the thoughts in his head to the back of his mind and said softly, “Believe me, you’ll see your mommy soon.
However, what you have to do now is protect yourself.”

Xiao Bao sniffled and retreated from Mr.
Chen’s arms.
He looked up at Mr.
Chen with a little pride on his face.
“Daddy, don’t worry.
Xiao Bao has already grown up and knows how to protect himself.
When Xiao Bao grows up to be the same age as Daddy or if Daddy gets old and can’t walk and is paralyzed, Xiao Bao will take good care of Daddy.
I won’t let Daddy suffer at all.”


The affection on Mr.
Chen’s face froze for a moment.
He didn’t know if he should praise Xiao Bao for being filial or be sad.
Why must he be paralyzed in his old age?

What a “filial son”!

Xiao Bao did not notice Mr.
Chen’s expression at all.
He tried hard to recall what had happened when he was young and began to mutter, “I’ll feed Daddy like Daddy fed me.
I’ll also hug Daddy like Daddy is hugging Xiao Bao now.
I’ll even help Daddy take a shower.
Anyway, Daddy will definitely be happy like Xiao Bao in the future!”


Chen looked at the energetic Xiao Bao in front of him, his eyes filled with relief.
He nodded slightly and said, “Okay.”

A bright smile appeared on Xiao Bao’s face, but it disappeared like a flash in the pan.
He said disappointedly, “Xiao Bao misses Mommy so much.”

Chen rubbed Xiao Bao’s head and said softly, “After some time, I’ll find an opportunity for you to meet your mommy.”

Xiao Bao’s pupils gradually dilated, and the smile on his face grew wider and wider.
He nodded happily.
“Daddy, you’re really the best daddy in the world!”

With that, Xiao Bao moved closer to Mr.
Chen’s face and kissed him.

Chen looked at Xiao Bao gently.
Listening to Xiao Bao call him “Daddy” sweetly, he felt as if he was Xiao Bao’s entire world.

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