1250 Owing A Favor

Qiao Nian looked at Boss Jin and continued, “I wonder if I can get 5% of the shares of the Jin Corporation?”

Favors were the hardest to repay.

When Boss Jin heard Qiao Nian’s suggestion, he immediately agreed.

When Jiang Yue heard Boss Jin and Qiao Nian’s words, her eyes widened.

She had investigated the assets of the Jin Corporation in the past.
Although it was only 5%, it was still an astronomical figure!

She wanted Qiao Nian to be disfigured today.
Why had she helped Qiao Nian earn so much money in the end?

Jiang Yue’s expression changed drastically.
Why had it benefited Qiao Nian again?

No, she had to get the shares back.


With this thought in mind, Jiang Yue said angrily, “Qiao Nian, you’re extorting me.
You’re breaking the law.
I’m going to sue you!”
When Qiao Nian heard Jiang Yue’s words, a faint smile appeared on her face.
“Are you still not aware of your current situation?”

Jiang Yue’s expression changed slightly.
She didn’t understand what Qiao Nian meant.

Qiao Nian had clearly asked Boss Jin to punish her.
As long as she spoke a few words to Boss Jin, he would definitely not hold her accountable for her mistakes.

If she made up for her mistake now and asked for five percent of the Jin Corporation’s shares back, Boss Jin would definitely not be angry.
He might even praise her.

Jiang Yue raised her head and puffed out her chest.
Even though her face was dirty, she still pretended to be noble and said, “What’s wrong with me? Let me tell you, Qiao Nian, don’t put on an act in front of me.
You’re extorting money now.
The amount is huge.
You’ll probably never be released from prison for the rest of your life.”

Qiao Nian smiled.
Just as she was about to turn around and ask Gu Zhou to leave, Jiang Yue still refused to let her off.

“Qiao Nian, didn’t you understand what I said? Hurry up and apologize to Boss Jin and promise that you won’t want the 5% shares.
That way, everyone will be fine.”

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows slightly and glanced at Jiang Yue’s face.
“In the past, I thought you had some brains.
Now, I realize that your brain has long been eaten by a dog.
I won’t stoop to the level of a retard.”


Qiao Nian actually dared to call her a retard!

In her opinion, Qiao Nian was the heinous demon!

“I admit that you’re very smart.” Jiang Yue crossed her arms and sneered.
“But your intelligence isn’t used on the right path.
You think about snatching other people’s things all day.
Aren’t people like you tired of living?”

Qiao Nian quickly understood Jiang Yue’s thoughts.
She felt that Jiang Yue was too funny.
What had she stolen?

Without waiting for Qiao Nian to speak, Jiang Yue continued, “As expected of a wild girl from the countryside.
She snatches anything good she sees.
Have you never seen anything good in your life?”

Seeing that Qiao Nian was still silent, Jiang Yue thought that she had hit a nerve.
She continued, “First, you stole your sister’s fiancé.
I’ve never seen such a shameless woman like you.
You clearly knew that Brother Ah Zhou had me in his heart, but you still pretended to be innocent and married him on purpose!”

“You’re married to Brother Ah Zhou now, but you’re not satisfied.
You still want to pretend to be the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
You’re simply too ruthless.
The eldest daughter of the Lu family died when she was three years old.
She’s missing an arm.
This is something everyone in the world knows.
You said that you’re the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
Where’s the evidence? If you’re really the eldest daughter of the Lu family, you should be missing an arm!”

Seeing Qiao Nian looking at her in disbelief, Jiang Yue knew that she was right.
She sneered and continued, “You’re pretending to be the eldest daughter of the Lu family because you look a little like Madam Lu, right? I guess the Lu family agreed to let you be the eldest daughter of the Lu family for this reason! They probably don’t even know that you’re using your identity as the eldest daughter of the Lu family to show off outside!”

Boss Jin stood at the side, his hands clenched into fists, trying hard to remain calm.

Why had he taken a liking to someone like Jiang Yue back then?

He really didn’t seem to recognize Jiang Yue anymore.

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