1248 Liar

Jiang Yue smiled like a lunatic and said smugly, “Are you speechless now? Aren’t you quite good at talking? Tell me!”

Qiao Nian looked at her disdainfully and enunciated each word clearly.
“From another perspective, what if they’re all my biological brothers?”

Jiang Yue froze.
It was as if her computer had crashed.
She stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.

No, this was absolutely impossible!

How could Qiao Nian’s true identity be the daughter of the Lu family?

There must be a mistake!

Qiao Nian must be lying to her.

That’s right.
Qiao Nian was a liar.
Qiao Nian was also the best at lying.

“You must be lying.
You can’t be the daughter of the Lu family.
You clearly have parents.
Your father is Qiao Shan, and your mother is Su Xue! How can you be a member of the Lu family!”

Qiao Nian snorted and looked coldly at Jiang Yue.
“The truth is right here.
Whether you believe it or not is none of your business.
Your mouth is really too foul!”

Jiang Yue didn’t believe Qiao Nian’s words, but when she thought of the attitudes of the Lu brothers towards Qiao Nian, her heart sank!

Why had it become like this?

Qiao Nian, this country bumpkin, had actually become the eldest daughter of the Lu family!

On what basis?

This wasn’t fair.
There must be a mistake somewhere.
Qiao Nian must have pretended to be the eldest daughter of the Lu family in order to live a better life!


However, there were so many smart people in the Lu family.
If Qiao Nian was really pretending to be the eldest daughter of the Lu family, she should have been exposed by the rest of the Lu family long ago!
Could Qiao Nian really be the eldest daughter of the Lu family!

Jiang Yue’s eyes were filled with jealousy.
Why was Qiao Nian so lucky!

Boss Jin stood at the side, taking in Jiang Yue’s expression.
Thinking of Qiao Nian’s words, his expression darkened again.

He had to give in to the Gu family, and now there was the Lu family.

If the Gu and Lu families joined forces, everything he had painstakingly created would instantly disappear.

Boss Jin looked at Jiang Yue coldly.
This woman hadn’t made everything clear in the beginning because she wanted the Jin Corporation to be destroyed.

Was he really going to offend the Gu and Lu families for this woman?

Qiao Nian’s gaze fell on Boss Jin’s face.
She said calmly, “You can choose to continue protecting Jiang Yue.
If that happens, you’ll ruin everything you have!”

Boss Jin frowned.

When Jiang Yue heard Qiao Nian’s words, her eyes were filled with disdain.
Qiao Nian, that b*tch, was actually sowing discord!

She hurriedly ran to Boss Jin’s side and grabbed his hand.
She begged bitterly, “I’m sincere to you.
Moreover, you’ve already said that you want to marry me.
You can’t hand me over to them!”

Boss Jin slowly closed his eyes, hiding the disappointment in them.
After a long while, he opened them, his eyes filled with calmness.

Boss Jin calmly retracted his hand from Jiang Yue’s and asked, “Do you really like me?”

Jiang Yue’s expression froze for a moment, but she quickly regained her composure.
She hurriedly nodded and said, “Of course I like you.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be with you!”

“Are you with me because you like me? Or because you want to use the Jin family’s power?” Boss Jin asked coldly.

“Of course I’m with you because I like you,” Jiang Yue said without hesitation.
The only person she could rely on was Boss Jin.
“Hubby, I don’t want anything now.
I really just want to be with you!”

“You’re still lying!” Boss Jin looked at Jiang Yue in disappointment.
He wanted to give Jiang Yue one last chance, but Jiang Yue already ruined it.
“You have liked another person for more than ten years.
How can you not like him so easily?”

At this point, Boss Jin paused.
“If you had any sincerity or conscience, you wouldn’t have harmed Matriarch Gu.
If you really had any feelings for me, you wouldn’t have lied to me!”

“No, it’s really not what you think!” Jiang Yue was already sobbing uncontrollably.

“Today, I saw your true colors.
I thought that if you said that you wanted to use the Jin family’s power to be with me, I might still have a trace of pity for you.” Boss Jin’s eyes instantly turned cold.
“Even now, you’re not telling the truth.
The person you love the most should only be you.”

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