1247 Relic

“At that time, I was making a blessing bag for the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
Jiang Yue added sulfuric acid to the blessing bag.
At that time, the blessing bag was hanging on the urn, and the sulfuric acid in the blessing bag was left behind, corroding the urn!” Qiao Nian said calmly.

Jiang Yue recalled the situation in the Lu family and couldn’t help but shiver.

Boss Jin was stunned.

The eldest daughter of the Lu family had been kidnapped when she was three years old.
This matter had spread like wildfire, and everyone in the country knew about it.

Not long after, the corpse of the eldest daughter of the Lu family was found.
The Lu family made an urn for her.

That was just a pitiful three-year-old child.
In order to deal with her, Jiang Yue didn’t even let go of a child’s urn!

“I didn’t!” Jiang Yue shook her head vigorously.
“At that time, Qiao Nian destroyed my mother’s belongings!”

“I destroyed your mother’s belongings?” Qiao Nian couldn’t help but ask.
“You’re still lying.
Didn’t you destroy your mother’s belongings yourself?”

“It wasn’t me.
You were clearly the one who ruined my mother’s belongings!” Jiang Yue frowned and said loudly, “If it weren’t for you, how could I have lost my mother’s last belongings?”

“Your mother’s belongings included a bottle of perfume.
At that time, in order to frame me, you changed the perfume in the bottle to sulfuric acid.
You were the one who destroyed your mother’s belongings!” Seeing that Jiang Yue still wanted to refute, Qiao Nian continued, “Moreover, my brother ruined your face.
Didn’t you deserve it?”


“Your brother? Lu Rao is your brother?” Jiang Yue sneered, looking at Qiao Nian as if she was looking at a fool.

Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian didn’t speak, clearly tacitly agreeing with Jiang Yue.

When Boss Jin heard Jiang Yue’s words, his heart gradually sank to the bottom.

What Jiang Yue had just said proved one thing.
Jiang Yue had lied to him previously.
Jiang Yue’s face wasn’t ruined by Qiao Nian at all, but by Lu Rao.

Why would Jiang Yue lie?

Previously, Boss Jin had heard from others that there were a total of four young masters and two young ladies in the Lu family.
Lu Rao was the third child.
Therefore, Lu Rao had splashed sulfuric acid on Jiang Yue’s face because Jiang Yue had destroyed the urn of his poor sister, who had passed away at the age of three.

Boss Jin’s gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face.
Could it be that Qiao Nian was also the precious daughter of the Lu family?

No, no.
Qiao Nian’s surname was clearly Qiao, not Lu.
How could Qiao Nian be the precious daughter of the Lu family?

Jiang Yue raised her eyebrows slightly and sneered.
She looked at Qiao Nian as if she was looking at trash.
“I knew it.
You’re not a good person either!”

She paused for a moment and looked up at Gu Zhou.
“Gu Zhou, do you really think that the Qiao Nian you like is such a good woman? Let me tell you, you’ve been deceived.
This woman has already slept with countless men.
Previously, she flirted with Lu Zhu, then she had an ambiguous relationship with Lu Nian.
At the gambling banquet, she was also involved with Lu Jiang.
If Lu Rao doesn’t like her, why would Lu Rao ruin my face? These brothers of the Lu family are all related to her!”

Qiao Nian frowned and clenched her fists tightly.
She walked up to Jiang Yue and slapped her face.

Jiang Yue lost her balance and fell to the ground.

It was Qiao Nian’s slap to Jiang Yue’s face that pulled Master Jin back to reality.

Boss Jin looked at Jiang Yue, who had fallen to the ground.
Instinctively, he wanted to pull Jiang Yue up, but when he thought of how Jiang Yue had once poisoned Matriarch Gu, he gave up this idea.

Jiang Yue collapsed to the ground.
She turned to look at Qiao Nian and asked with a smile, “Why? I hit the nail on the head.
Are you angry from embarrassment?”

Without waiting for Qiao Nian to speak, Jiang Yue’s laughter grew crazier.
“Haha, aren’t you very smug? You’ve already slept with them.
Why can’t you let others expose you?”

Qiao Nian’s eyes turned cold.
Suppressing her anger, she said, “Your heart is so dirty.
Everything you see is dirty.”

Jiang Yue got up from the ground and looked at Qiao Nian provocatively.
“What did I say wrong?”

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