1245 Lying

Gu Zhou exuded a cold aura.
He looked at Jiang Yue coldly and asked, “I wonder what grudge you have with my wife that you have to kill her!”

When Boss Jin heard Gu Zhou’s question, he said, “I know about this!”

Gu Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “I want to hear what nonsense she has been spouting at you.”

When Boss Jin heard Gu Zhou’s words, he frowned.
Then, he said righteously, “Second Young Master Gu, I think you’ve been deceived.
Your wife isn’t a good person at all.
Although she’s good-looking, her heart has long been rotten.
Previously, she couldn’t stand Yue’er being good-looking, so she directly ruined Yue’er’s face and chased her out of An City.
Yue’er brought her here today to ruin her face.
I think this is very fair to her.”

When Qiao Nian heard Boss Jin’s words, she couldn’t help but laugh.
She said, “You’re the famous Boss Jin in the business world.
I really didn’t expect you to be so naive.
You actually believed such a shallow lie by Jiang Yue!”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Boss Jin looked displeased.
He said angrily, “What do you mean by that?”

Jiang Yue’s heart jumped to her throat.
She looked at Boss Jin in a panic and said anxiously, “Don’t listen to Qiao Nian’s nonsense.
They just want to slander me.
Darling, I’m telling the truth!”

Seeing Jiang Yue like this, Gu Zhou felt disgusted.
He moved his gaze from Jiang Yue’s face to Boss Jin’s and said, “Facts speak louder than words.
What happened back then can be investigated simply.
It can’t be fake.
What’s fake can’t be real.”


Qiao Nian smiled and continued, “Mr.
Jin, look at the woman in your arms first.
Does she look flustered and anxious? She’s afraid that we’ll tell the truth.”

Boss Jin looked at Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian’s calm expressions, then at Jiang Yue, who was in his arms.
Jiang Yue’s face was pale, and her eyes were flustered, looking guilty.

He had a bad feeling about this.
He looked up at Qiao Nian and asked, “What exactly happened?”

Qiao Nian took a step forward and stood side by side with Gu Zhou.
She glanced at the guilty Jiang Yue and said in a clear voice, “Boss Jin, the woman in your arms is called Jiang Yue.
She’s Matriarch Gu’s god-granddaughter.
You just have to go to An City to investigate this matter and you’ll know that I’m not lying.”

The blood drained from Boss Jin’s face.
In the past, Jiang Yue had told her that she was only a nurse who took care of Matriarch Jin.
There shouldn’t be a need for Qiao Nian to lie about this, because Qiao Nian had said that this was common knowledge.

Qiao Nian continued, “Back then, I married Gu Zhou and stole her sweetheart.
Hence, she was dissatisfied and thought of ways to chase me out of the Gu family.
For this, she didn’t hesitate to poison Matriarch Gu and frame me!”


Boss Jin’s expression instantly darkened.
He looked at the woman in his arms in disbelief.
He had never expected this obedient woman in his arms to poison the Grandma who had raised her!

Boss Jin could gain a foothold in society not only because he was a filial son, but also because he was a great philanthropist.

Qiao Nian had previously investigated Boss Jin.
Boss Jin had lost his father in his early years and relied on his mother.

Back then, in order to support his career, his mother had sold all her assets.

Later on, Boss Jin’s career became successful.
Every day, he was busy with the company and hired a few nannies to take care of his mother.

Some elders had their children pass away when they were young, leaving them alone.

Some children went overseas and left the old folks alone in the country.

There were also children who were unfilial and abandoned the old folks in their hometown.

There were no jobs suitable for old people in this society.
These old people could only rely on their previous savings or pensions, or their children would occasionally give them a little money to live.
Sometimes, they would not be able to eat.

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