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Although Eldest Senior Brother’s appearance had already changed, when Qiao Nian saw his actions and his words, she recalled how Eldest Senior Brother had helped her wipe her tears when she was young, comforting her not to cry.

Qiao Nian sniffled and tried hard to calm herself down.
Seeing that Eldest Senior Brother didn’t explain why his face had changed, she asked the question she was most worried about.
“Eldest Senior Brother, even if you don’t go home, it’s good to call Qin Chuan often! We’re all very worried about you.
We’re just afraid that something will happen to you.”

When Chang Feng heard Qiao Nian’s words, the light in his eyes gradually dimmed.
He sighed slightly and didn’t answer Qiao Nian directly.
He asked, “How’s Xiao Chuan now?”

The Xiao Chuan she was referring to was Qin Chuan.

Qiao Nian nodded and said, “He’s doing quite well now.
He and I have been looking for you and Grandpa.
By the way, how is Master now?”

“I know you’re looking for us.
If it weren’t for the fact that this matter is too serious, I wouldn’t have contacted you.” Chang Feng sighed, his eyes dim.
“Grandpa has lost contact with us.
I’m also secretly looking for him! But I didn’t find any useful information.”

Qiao Nian’s expression gradually turned serious, and she frowned slightly.
Previously, she had always hoped that her grandfather could be with Eldest Senior Brother, because Eldest Senior Brother could also take care of her grandfather.
That way, her grandfather wouldn’t be the same again.

However, her hopes were dashed.
It seemed that she and Qin Chuan still had to look for her grandfather together.

Chang Feng looked at Qiao Nian, who was sitting opposite him.
In his memory, his junior sister was the young lady who ran around the spiritual mountain, but the junior sister in front of him was already a devastatingly beautiful woman.

Time passed so quickly.

Chang Feng recalled what had happened to Qiao Nian in An City.
His eyes were filled with guilt as he said, “Junior Sister, something happened to you previously.
I… I couldn’t take good care of you.
It’s all my fault.
If only I could…”


Towards the end, Chang Feng’s eyes were filled with guilt.
At that time, he had not been able to save his junior sister.
“Eldest Senior Brother, don’t say that.” Qiao Nian could feel Chang Feng’s guilt.
She smiled and said, “No one’s life has been smooth-sailing.
It’s normal to encounter twists and turns.
Moreover, it’s not your fault.
Actually, I’m very grateful for everything that happened back then.
It’s precisely because of what I’ve experienced that I’ve become a better me.”

Every time she met Qin Chuan, he would look at her guiltily, as if Qin Chuan had brought her all her past encounters.

It was precisely because of what had happened in the past that she met Gu Zhou and had such cute children

She had once been afraid of the darkness, but after being with Gu Zhou, she was no longer afraid of it.

How could there be a rainbow without wind and rain?

Chang Feng’s body stiffened slightly.
He looked up into Qiao Nian’s eyes and noticed that they were filled with stars.

He could sense that Qiao Nian wasn’t lying.
Qiao Nian really felt that she was doing well.

He still remembered the first time he had seen Qiao Nian.
At that time, his illness had flared up, and little Qiao Nian had even tried hard to roll mud balls to save him!

Time passed so quickly!

Just as Qiao Nian was about to say something, she noticed Chang Feng glancing at his watch.
The smile on her face disappeared as she asked seriously, “Eldest Senior Brother, you didn’t ask me to meet you today to catch up, did you?”

Chang Feng nodded and said seriously, “Time is tight, so I can only make it short.
After you met Mr.
Chen, you guessed his identity, right?”

When Qiao Nian heard Chang Feng’s words, her heart jumped to her throat.
She nodded and asked nervously, “Could he really be Gu Yue?”

“You’re right.” Chang Feng nodded and gave an affirmative answer.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes.
Although she and Gu Zhou had already guessed that Mr.
Chen was Gu Yue, she was still a little surprised to hear an affirmative answer from Eldest Senior Brother!

Eldest Senior Brother and Gu Yue had already changed their appearances.
Why did they do this?

Although Eldest Senior Brother had changed his appearance, the way he looked at her was as gentle as ever.
She was especially familiar with his gaze, so she could immediately recognize that the waiter in front of her was Eldest Senior Brother.

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