1224 Put Me on speaker

His eyes darkened.
“I’m working for someone.
Some people don’t like the Lu and Gu families.
Now that the time is right, we can make a move.”

The smile on Mr.
Chen’s face did not change.
“There’s actually someone in this world who instructed Old Master Huo?”

Old Master Huo frowned.
He looked at Mr.
Chen coldly.
“Xiao Chen, you’re a little strange today.
You aren’t like your normal self.”

“I’m sorry.” Mr.
Chen nodded slightly, looking like he knew his mistake.

Seeing Mr.
Chen like this, Elder Huo’s tone softened and his voice became much gentler.
“The less you know, the safer you are.”

“Thank you, Old Master Huo.” Mr.
Chen lowered his head respectfully, his slightly lowered eyes filled with coldness.

“Alright, call Gu Zhou now and tell him that there are other projects to work on with him.
We’ll meet on the weekend,” Old Master Huo said thoughtfully.

“Yes.” Mr.
Chen understood that Old Master Huo was planning to make a move this weekend.
He took out his phone and walked out, preparing to make a call.

Old Master Huo pointed at the landline phone on the desk and said, “Use the landline to reply directly.
Remember to put it on speaker.”

“Yes,” Mr.
Chen replied and walked towards the table.
His palms were cold.

If Gu Zhou agreed to meet him on the weekend, what should he do?

He did not want Gu Zhou to be hurt in any way.


He couldn’t go against Old Master Huo now.
More than half of his original plan was already completed.
Now that it was a critical moment, he could not make a mistake, let alone give himself away.

Chen felt uneasy.
He only hoped that Gu Zhou would realize that something was wrong and refuse to meet him.

While he was thinking, he had already made the call.
He didn’t forget to turn on the speakerphone.

In the President’s suite of the MY Hotel.

Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian sat at the table.

Qiao Nian said, “I think we should cut ties with them now.
Only then can we protect Big Brother.”

“But what if he wants us to help him by meeting us through other means?” At this point, Gu Zhou’s eyes were filled with confusion.
“I don’t understand.
Why would he pretend to be someone else?”

“We’ll ask him about this in the future.
For now, we’ll try our best to cooperate with him.
We have to pretend not to know him.
Otherwise, we might ruin his plan,” Qiao Nian said solemnly.

This was the number Mr.
Chen had just called him.

Qiao Nian also saw Gu Zhou’s caller ID.
She reached out to him and said seriously, “It’s better if you don’t talk to Mr.
I’m worried that your words will reveal your emotions.
If the person monitoring Mr.
Chen’s phone finds out, that will be a big problem.”

Qiao Nian paused for a moment.
In the end, she said, “Let me answer the phone!”

Qiao Nian had a strange feeling.
Chen had just hung up, and now he was calling.
She felt that something was wrong.

Gu Zhou knew in his heart that Qiao Nian was right.
For his brother’s safety, he could only hand the phone to Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian took the phone.
After answering, she turned on the speakerphone.


At this moment, Mr.
Chen’s low and hoarse voice came through the phone.
“Hello, Miss Qiao.”

There was a faint smile in his voice.
Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou in front of her and couldn’t help but feel nervous.
She had a nagging feeling that many things would happen.
“Is this Mr.

“It’s me.”

Qiao Nian asked very politely, “Ah Zhou has gone to the bathroom now.
Do you want me to send the phone over?”

“There’s no need.
Miss Qiao, please tell him that although it’s not convenient for our company and your company to work together on the new energy car, I discovered that there are other projects that we can work with your company on.
I wonder if your husband is free this weekend? Can we go out to talk?”

When Gu Zhou heard Mr.
Chen’s words, his expression changed.
Why did Big Brother suddenly change his mind?

Gu Zhou recalled how his brother had refused bluntly previously.
Now, he had taken the initiative to propose a collaboration.
There was something wrong with this abnormality.
Could it be that it was really as Nian’er had thought? His brother’s phone was already being monitored by others?

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