1223 Wishing You Happiness

After Gu Zhou finished speaking, Mr.
Chen was silent for a long time on the other end of the line before saying, “Thank you.
I’ll accept your blessings.
I wish you happiness!”

After Gu Zhou hung up, his eyes were turbulent.
He closed his eyes tiredly.
When he opened them again, his eyes were filled with loneliness.

“It’s him.”

He could tell that that person was his brother.

I wish you happiness!

Big Brother was giving him his blessings!

If Big Brother really remembered him, why did he still want to be Mr.
Chen? Why couldn’t he just go home and acknowledge him?

Qiao Nian realized that Gu Zhou’s palms were very cold.
She held his hand tightly with both hands, as if she wanted to transfer the warmth of her hand to Gu Zhou and warm his hand.

She could also tell that Mr.
Chen was Gu Yue.

She had interacted with Mr.
Chen and realized that he was not the kind of person who was willing to chat with others.

A person who was unwilling to chat with others chose to talk to him.
This meant that they had a good relationship.

Before Mr.
Chen said the words “I wish you happiness”, he paused for a few seconds.
When he said this, he seemed to think for a long time, but also seemed to have mustered his courage.

However, there was another meaning in Mr.
Chen’s words.
He was warning Gu Zhou, as if he was unwilling to let Gu Zhou interfere in his matters again.

Gu Zhou also understood what Mr.
Chen meant, so he did not say anything else to him.

Gu Zhou pondered for a long time before looking up at Qiao Nian and saying, “Nian’er, I wonder how Big Brother became Mr.
Let’s stay here for a while longer.
I want to investigate what they’re going to do now.
After investigating all of this, we’ll leave!”

Qiao Nian nodded in agreement.

In the 300-square-meter President’s office on the 666th floor of HH Corporation, Mr.
Chen stood in front of the French windows, his gaze landing on the old man in his sixties.

The old man looked down.
The other buildings were like matchboxes.
The cars on the road were like dense ants.
He stood there like a creator looking down on all living beings.


Chen nodded slightly at the old man.
His gaze was filled with respect as he greeted in a low voice, “Old Master Huo.”
When Old Master Huo heard Mr.
Chen’s words, he turned to look at him.
His triangular eyes were filled with scrutiny as he said tentatively, “Xiao Chen, it’s not like you!”

When Elder Huo heard Mr.
Chen’s words, he looked at him meaningfully, exuding a suffocating aura.
“When you make a call, you always pause after every sentence.
In the end, you even left a blessing.
This isn’t your style.”

There was still a faint smile on Mr.
Chen’s face.
He did not feel any uneasiness because of Elder Huo’s words.
He said, “If we can become friends, it will save us a lot of trouble.”

Old Master Huo did not speak.
He moved his gaze away from Mr.
Chen and looked out.
He asked, “Time sure flies.
Xiao Chen, how long have you been by my side?”

Chen said without hesitation, “Ten years.”

“I took a liking to you back then.
I didn’t expect ten years to pass in the blink of an eye.” A gratified smile appeared on Old Master Huo’s face.
He looked at the people below, his eyes filled with greed.
“The Gu family has already been delivered to our doorstep!”

Chen clenched his fists behind his back, but his expression was as respectful as ever.
“Old Master Huo plans to…”

“Gu Yue is already dead.
Only Gu Zhou is left.
I heard that he doesn’t have many years to live.
I can’t bear to see beautiful things slowly die.
Why don’t we send him off directly, so that he won’t live in pain?” Old Master Huo looked like he was being kind.
“Do this.
You have to swallow the Gu family whole.”

“Yes,” Mr.
Chen agreed without hesitation.

Old Master Huo stood with his hands behind his back and looked up at the blue sky.

When he stood here and looked down, he felt that he was the creator of the world.
Looking at all living beings, he felt that everything was in his control.

But when he looked up, even though he was standing so high up, there was still a sky pressing down on him.

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