1215 Clues

Jiang Chi looked at the photo, then at Jiang Cheng’s diary.
Deep in thought, he turned a page.

[Monday, 4.17.

Strange, there seems to be something wrong with this sample?

Jiang Chi’s gaze fell on the word “sample”.
He frowned, and his eyes suddenly lit up.


Could “sample” be referring to the sample of the eldest daughter of the Lu family at that time?
Jiang Chi flipped to the diary on April 19th.

[Wednesday, 4.19.
Heavy rain.

What should I do? Brother Lu Zhu seems to be missing his sister again.
Should I tell him that his sister isn’t dead?

Jiang Chi couldn’t find any favorable clues.
He continued reading.
There was another photo below.
It showed Jiang Cheng hiding sneakily behind the bushes, staring unblinkingly at someone not far away.

This was a screenshot from the surveillance cameras.
He could vaguely see three people standing not far away.
They seemed to be three women.

Jiang Chi continued scrolling.
There was no useful information after that.

During dinner, Lu Jiang, Gu Zhou, Qiao Nian, and Jiang Chi ate at a table.

When dinner was about to be finished, Jiang Chi sent the photo of Jiang Cheng hiding behind the bushes to the three of them.

Lu Jiang looked at the photo and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with this photo?”

Gu Zhou looked at the photo in silence and looked up at Jiang Chi.

“Did you discover any problems?” Jiang Chi glanced around and everyone asked.

“Is he following someone?” Qiao Nian asked uncertainly.
On the surface, Jiang Chi was standing behind the bushes, holding his phone.
In fact, if one looked carefully, they would realize that Jiang Cheng’s attention was on the three women not far away.

“This photo was screenshotted and saved from the surveillance cameras.
It happened on the 18th of April mentioned in his diary.”

As soon as Jiang Chi finished speaking, everyone’s expressions instantly turned serious.

Lu Jiang looked at the photo and took out his phone.
His fingers swiped on the phone a few times before he said, “April 18th was a gathering of employees of the Lu Corporation.
I’ve already gotten someone to investigate who these three women are.”

When everyone heard Qiao Nian’s words, they stared at the photo.

Although Song Yu was a top celebrity in the country, she was not well-known overseas.
Jiang Chi had never heard of Song Yu’s name.
He asked, “Who is Song Yu?”

“Song Yu is our Little Sixth,” Lu Jiang said, frowning.
He adjusted his glasses.
“The woman in the middle does look like Little Sixth, but she’s fatter.
I remember that Little Sixth attended an event and didn’t participate in the company’s team-building.”

“Then look for someone in the company who looks like Song Yu.
If we find her, we’ll know who the remaining two people are,” Qiao Nian said.

The other two women in the photo only had their backs revealed, so she couldn’t recognize them at all.
If she found one of the women in the photo, she could confirm who the other two women were through that person.

“Jiang Cheng was keeping an eye on these three women.
Jiang Cheng must be afraid of one of them.” At this point, Gu Zhou paused.
“We might even be able to find the person who kidnapped you back then.”

Qiao Nian’s heart began to race.
Could the kidnapping case from more than twenty years ago finally be closed?

She was finally going to catch that heinous woman.

“I can’t leave MY now.
There are still some things to wrap up here.” Lu Jiang immediately sent the photo to Lu Zhu and briefly explained the ins and outs of the matter.
“I’ll tell Big Brother about this now and get him to investigate that person.
It won’t take long to get the results.”

Gu Zhou turned to look at Qiao Nian and said seriously, “Nian’er, let’s go back together.”

Qiao Nian also wanted to know who the woman who had kidnapped her was, but when she thought of how Gu Zhou still wanted to look for Gu Yue, she reached out and held his hand.
“We won’t go back.
Our family will help investigate them.
I’ll stay here with you.”

Jiang Chi looked at Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian’s hands, which were holding hands.
His eyes darkened, filled with displeasure.

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