1210 Resemblance

Seeing that Gu Zhou was silent, Qiao Nian held his hand and asked softly, “Did you discover something when you asked Mr.
Chen the question just now?”

“I was just asking it casually.”

Seeing that Gu Zhou seemed to be hiding something, Qiao Nian said gently, “Although Mr.
Chen is Old Master Cui’s butler and secretary, his every move represents Old Master Cui.
With his status in MY, he definitely knows your brother.
The question you asked him just now, could it be because…”

When Gu Zhou heard Qiao Nian’s words, he knew that he couldn’t hide it from her, so he told her what he was puzzled about.
“I just think that Mr.
Chen has some unique habits.
He’s very similar to my brother, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes slightly and asked in confusion, “Like?”

“Yes, the action of flicking a cigarette and the habit of smoking.
I’m not sure if all smokers are like this,” Gu Zhou said uncertainly.

Jiang Chi, who was sitting at the side, pursed his lips and said, “I think his gaze is very similar to Gu Yue’s.”

Everyone’s gaze fell on Jiang Chi’s face.

Gu Zhou’s heart skipped a beat.

Jiang Chi swirled the wine glass in his hand gently, as if recalling Mr.
Chen’s eyes.
In the end, he said, “I can’t say that they’re similar.
I can only say that they’re identical.”

“How is that possible?” Lu Jiang said disapprovingly.
“I’ve seen Brother Gu, but his eyes aren’t like that.
Brother Gu has phoenix eyes, and Mr.
Chen has droopy eyes.”

“I just think their gazes are similar.” Jiang Chi took a sip of red wine and placed the glass on the table.
He stood up and walked out.
When he reached the door, he seemed to have thought of something and turned to look at everyone.
“Perhaps it’s someone with the same gaze.”

Lu Jiang’s phone rang.
He glanced at the contents of his cell phone, stood up, and walked out.
He didn’t forget to say to Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian, “It’s getting late.
I have to get back to work.
Do as you please.”

Only Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian were left in the room.

After a long while, Gu Zhou grabbed Qiao Nian’s hand.
His eyes sparkled as he said seriously, “Do you think he…”

“Huh?” Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou in confusion.

“Is he my brother?” Gu Zhou felt inexplicably nervous.

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou in shock.

Gu Zhou did not speak.
He stood up and strode out.

Although he hadn’t spent much time with his brother, his brother’s smoking movements were indeed identical to Mr.

Not only that, but Jiang Chi had also said that Mr.
Chen’s gaze was identical to his brother’s.

Jiang Chi had spent more time with his brother than with him in the past.
Jiang Chi definitely knew his brother better than him.


Gu Zhou walked very quickly.
Ever since Mr.
Chen left, his heart had been empty.
He had always guessed that Mr.
Chen was his brother.
If only he had asked earlier.
That way, he wouldn’t need to guess.
When Gu Zhou reached the entrance of the hotel, Mr.
Chen’s car had already left.
He knew that he couldn’t catch up and stood there helplessly.

Qiao Nian walked very quickly.
When she finally caught up to Gu Zhou, she saw him standing there alone, looking dejected.

She walked over to Gu Zhou and watched as he stared into the distance in a daze.
After a moment’s hesitation, she reached out and held his hand.

Gu Zhou looked into the distance, his heart aching.
He had a nagging feeling of insecurity.

Sensing that Qiao Nian was holding his hand, he sighed in his heart.
He retracted his gaze and grabbed Qiao Nian’s hand.

Gu Zhou pursed his lips and looked into Qiao Nian’s sparkling eyes.
“I remember Jiang Cheng meeting my brother two years ago.”

“Yes.” Qiao Nian nodded.

“Big Brother…” Gu Zhou lowered his head slightly and muttered, “At that time, he said that Big Brother didn’t know him.
He even said that there might be something wrong with Big Brother’s memory.”

“Yes.” Qiao Nian nodded.

“Could it be that Big Brother didn’t know where his home was because he had lost his memory? Could it be that he had plastic surgery for other reasons later on?” Gu Zhou murmured softly.
“I heard that even if a person has lost his memory, he’ll habitually use the same actions as before.”

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