1163 Prejudice!

Song Yu still remembered how Lu Nian had looked when he spoke to Qiao Nian just now.
Lu Nian’s eyes were filled with a gentle smile, and his voice was also gentle.
Now, it seemed that Second Brother was really angry!

Seeing that Auntie Cao still wanted to explain, Song Yu hurriedly grabbed her arm and said, “Auntie Cao, you’ve really misunderstood.
This was all our idea.
It has nothing to do with Sister.
Don’t be biased against her anymore!”

Auntie Cao turned to look at Song Yu inch by inch, her eyes red-rimmed.
She did not expect Sixth Miss, who had always respected her very much, to say such a thing.


Song Yu hurriedly pulled Auntie Cao out and said, “Auntie Cao, I wanted to look for you previously.
One of my new costumes is spoiled.
I wanted you to help me mend it.
Come and take a look!”

Song Yu was really worried that her brothers would chase Auntie Cao out in a rage.
Auntie Cao had stayed in the Lu family for so many years.
If she was really chased out, she would definitely be humiliated.

Auntie Cao followed Song Yu out in a daze.
She had only said a few objective words.
Why did everyone hate her?

She had clearly done nothing wrong.
Why was everyone criticizing her?

Seeing that Auntie Cao had been taken out by Song Yu, Lu Zhu looked at Qiao Nian worriedly and asked, “Are you alright?”

Qiao Nian smiled and shook her head.
She glanced at her brothers and said, “I have my brothers to protect me.
How can I be bullied?”

When everyone heard Qiao Nian’s words, they all laughed.

Hearing the laughter coming from the ancestral hall, Auntie Cao frowned and looked at it.
She wanted to go back and speak, but when she thought of the gazes of the young masters and young ladies, she lowered her gaze in disappointment.

After Song Yu pulled Auntie Cao out, she let go of her hand and looked at her helplessly.

Auntie Cao looked at Song Yu’s disappointed expression and explained weakly, “Sixth Miss, they’re isolating you.
I really don’t want you to be isolated.”

“Auntie Cao, you’ve really misunderstood.
They didn’t isolate me.
Don’t hurt Sister anymore.
Sister just returned home.
She needs the warmth of a family,” Song Yu explained seriously, frowning.

“Then why didn’t you enter the ancestral hall directly? Why did you look at them enviously? I was just angry and wanted to speak up for you.” Auntie Cao looked at Song Yu with heartache.
She had watched Song Yu grow up.
She liked Song Yu the most.

When Song Yu heard Auntie Cao’s words, she shook her head and said, “Auntie Cao, you’ve really misunderstood.
I’m not envious of them.
Moreover, my brothers don’t reject me.
We grew up together and have a good relationship!”

Auntie Cao frowned at Song Yu and said in a low voice, “Sixth Miss, you’re too innocent.
You’re the adopted daughter of the Lu family to begin with.
Ever since Fifth Miss returned, everyone has ignored you.
Don’t you realize that no one has spoken to you much?”

Song Yu lowered her gaze and said nothing.

Actually, she could understand how well everyone treated her sister.
Her sister had suffered outside for the past twenty years.
Everyone was making it up to her now.

She had been adopted by her mother.
She had already been doted on by everyone for more than twenty years.
She was much happier than the people in the orphanage!

One had to be satisfied to be happy!

Auntie Cao noticed that Song Yu was in a daze.
She moved closer to Song Yu’s ear and said in a low voice, “You’ve already taken Fifth Miss’s place for more than twenty years.
I’ve eaten more salt than you’ve eaten rice.
I’ve seen many people send adopted children away when they find their biological children.
Everyone likes Fifth Miss so much now.
If Fifth Miss suggests sending you away, what do you think Master and Madam will do?”

Song Yu frowned and looked up at Auntie Cao.
She said, “Auntie Cao, you’re sowing discord!”

A trace of panic flashed across Auntie Cao’s face.
She hurriedly said anxiously, “I’m not sowing discord.
There are many such things outside.
You’ve already been doted on by the rest of the Lu family for more than twenty years.
It’s normal for Fifth Miss to dislike you!”

“Auntie Cao, I believe Mom and Dad.
They will never do that.
Don’t say these things again.
Mom and Dad will be very sad when they hear this.” Song Yu’s heart was in a mess, but she pretended to be fine on the surface.
If she hadn’t found her family, she wouldn’t have been afraid of being sent away, but now she had already found them.

That home was not what she wanted!

She had to believe her parents.

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