1151 Awkward

She was so happy just now that she forgot to send her husband a message.

Moreover, how should she tell her family that her husband had gone to the mountain overnight to pick up a master and prepare to perform a seven-day ritual for Sugar before the new year?

Some time ago, Lu You dreamt that Sugar was standing weakly and helplessly in a burning house, crying for her father.

In his dream, Lu You wanted to rush in and save Sugar, but the house seemed to have an invisible barrier that blocked him from entering.
He could only watch helplessly as the house collapsed, pressing Sugar under it.

Lu You originally didn’t believe in the afterlife, but since this matter involved Sugar, he couldn’t remain calm.
He immediately contacted a fortune-teller impatiently.
The fortune-teller calculated Sugar’s fate based on her birthday.
In the end, he said a bunch of things.
His general meaning was that Sugar’s resentment was too deep and she couldn’t reincarnate.
He needed to purify Sugar’s resentment and bribe the staff of the Netherworld to let her reincarnate as soon as possible!

Lu You thought about returning to the country, so he got off the plane and went to look for the eminent monk, wanting him to help Sugar tide over the crisis.

Su Yan felt a little awkward.
Her Sugar was still alive.
How should she explain to everyone that Lu You had gone to look for the master?

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Su Yan silently took out her phone and planned to send Lu You a message, asking him to go home and meet Qiao Nian.

Suddenly, a humble and polite male voice came from outside.
“Master Pudu, take a look.
What else do you need to prepare for my daughter’s expiation?”

Su Yan stopped texting on her cell phone.
Before she could send the message, he returned.

He had even invited the master over so late at night.

Everyone knew what Lu You was doing now.

Matriarch Lu immediately frowned and looked at Lu You unhappily.

Qiao Nian also looked over.
She still didn’t know what her father looked like!

Her father stood out in the crowd.
He was wearing a dark wool coat today.
He was tall and stalwart, and his face was very similar to his eldest brother’s.

The only difference between his father and his eldest brother was that he looked more refined and experienced.

His brow was furrowed into a frown.
He was looking at the master sincerely.

Lu You.

Her biological father.

The master pressed his palms together and said sincerely, “Amitabha.
Benefactor’s kindness will definitely move the world!”

Lu You pressed his palms together, as if he believed the master’s words very much.
He said, “I just hope my daughter can reincarnate early.”

Su Yan was speechless.

Was Lu You cursing his daughter again?

Su Yan was about to explain, but she didn’t know how to explain these things in short words.

When Matriarch Lu heard Lu You’s words, she frowned and felt very dissatisfied.

He was already so old.
Didn’t he know what to say and what not to say?

“What are you doing?” Matriarch Lu sat there and asked with a frown.

Lu You gestured for the butler to receive the master and quickly walked towards the cafeteria.

“Mom.” Lu Lu walked into the cafeteria and greeted Matriarch Lu.
Then, he looked at Su Yan, who was sitting at the side.
Frowning, he said in a low voice, “Why are there guests tonight?”

When he noticed that Gu Zhou was in the dining room, he nodded slightly in greeting.

He glanced at Qiao Nian and saw her sitting beside Su Yan.
Could this young lady be his daughter-in-law?

Su Yan hesitated.
How should she explain to Lu You that Sugar was still alive?

Seeing that Su Yan was silent, Lu You’s frown deepened.
He continued, “It’s a little inconvenient for for yout to visit our family today.
I’ll invite you over for a meal another day.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

Her father had just returned.
Was he going to chase her away?

Gu Zhou stood up and walked up to Lu You with a polite smile on his face.
He glanced at the monks outside, then at Lu You and said, “Father-in-law, I think there are some things that need to be said today.
I’m afraid it can’t be another day.”

Lu You was speechless.

Gu Zhou actually called him father-in-law?

Lu You couldn’t come back to his senses for a moment.
Why didn’t he remember his daughter marrying Gu Zhou?

Could it be that Gu Zhou had already hooked up with his daughter while he was not in An City?

The Gu family had gone too far.
Previously, his eldest daughter had been engaged to Gu Zhou.
Although his eldest daughter was gone and the two families had broken off the engagement, Gu Zhou had actually found another daughter?

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