Chapter 1148: Sister’s Protection!

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“My Sugar is still as obedient and sensible as ever!” Seeing how obedient Qiao Nian was, Su Yan couldn’t bear to blame her.
“Alright, I’ll listen to you.
I won’t hit them anymore!”

She had to punish them physically later!

Lu Qi, who was sitting at the side, heaved a sigh of relief.

Lu Zhu, Lu Nian, and Lu Rao looked at Qiao Nian proudly and happily.

Look, our sister has protected us!

Su Yan had just heard Qiao Nian’s words.
She thought about it carefully and asked solemnly, “How are you sure that those people know that you’re still alive?”

Qiao Nian glanced at Gu Zhou, then at Su Yan.
After some hesitation, she decided to finish her sentence.
“At that time, I acknowledged Brother, but outsiders didn’t know.
However, someone wanted to be the eldest daughter of the Lu family!”

“What?” Su Yan’s heart was instantly in a mess.
She looked at Qiao Nian in disbelief.

Lu Zhu hurriedly said, “Mom, Sugar just returned.
If you keep asking her questions, what if she’s hungry?”

Su Yan was panicking.
She could only suppress her curiosity and call Qiao Nian over for dinner.
She turned to look at Lu Zhu.
“Tell me!”

“That person’s name is Song Man.
Her blood is identical to Sister’s.”

Lu Zhu had just said something when he was interrupted by Su Yan.
She questioned unhappily, “How can their blood be identical?”

“After some speculation, we suspect that Sugar was kidnapped back then because those people wanted to transplant Sugar’s bone marrow onto Song Man.
Song Man even got a blood sample and did a DNA test with my blood.
They wanted Song Man to replace Sugar and become the eldest daughter of the Lu family.”

“What?” Su Yan was stunned.
Her eyes turned red uncontrollably, and her voice trembled.
“Are you saying that Sugar donated her bone marrow to someone else when she was three years old?”

Lu Zhu looked at Su Yan’s expression and nodded slowly.
“Yes, I think after Sister donated her bone marrow, she was adopted by the Qiao family by a freak combination of factors.”

Su Yan’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

She wanted to kill those people.
Only when those people died could her Sugar live well!

“According to their personalities, they should have killed Sugar, but Sugar is alive, and Song Man knows who Sugar is.
We wanted to ask Song Man about the mastermind, but Song Man committed suicide to protect those people!” Lu Zhu sighed heavily and continued, “Those people have always thought that Sugar didn’t know her true identity, so they didn’t do anything to her.
Now, Song Man’s death is a signal to those people that Sugar already knows that she’s the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
Therefore, we don’t have to hide anymore.
We let Sister come home.”

When Su Yan heard Lu Zhu’s words, she frowned.
She had never expected someone to do such a heartless thing.

“Mom, I think those people want that girl to replace Sugar and take her place.” At this point, Lu Zhu paused and looked at Su Yan intently.
“Do you still remember the broken arm you found back then? That broken arm was Song Man’s arm.
Do you remember the details of the DNA test? We suspected that the sample was replaced.”

Su Yan gritted her teeth.
She finally understood what had happened back then.
Now, she understood why her son had always asked her about the details of the appraisal.
It turned out that Lu Zhu wanted to investigate the truth.

She lowered her gaze.
After a long while, she asked, “Is there a photo of Song Man?”

Lu Zhu found Song Man’s photo and handed it to Su Yan.
“Mom, take a look.
Do you know her? I think someone we’re familiar with must have done what happened back then.”

Su Yan took the cell phone and looked at the girl with a gentle smile in the photo.
For a moment, she was in a daze.

“Song Man… Have you investigated her parents?” Su Yan asked, handing the phone to Lu Zhu.


“I’ve investigated it.
She was adopted.
She only has one Grandma.
We don’t know her name,” Lu Zhu said.

Su Yan looked at Qiao Nian beside her, her heart aching for her.

No wonder her Sugar’s face was pale.
She donated her bone marrow to someone and had not recovered.

“I’ll investigate all the hospitals where Sugar had a bone marrow transplant twenty years ago.
We might be able to find some clues.” As Su Yan spoke, she looked at Qiao Nian and said gently, “Sugar, don’t worry..
I’ll definitely find those criminals!”

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