Xu Qian’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a trace of displeasure flashed across them.
She said sternly, “Li Na, do you still want to continue lying?”

Li Na’s body shook.
She bit her lip, forcing herself to remain calm.
“Sister Xu, I-I’m really not lying!”

Xu Qian let out a long sigh and crossed her arms.
With a calm expression, she said, “Li Na, do you think I don’t know what kind of personality you have? Ever since you graduated, I’ve been the one taking care of you.
Every time you lie, your eyes can’t help but look to the bottom right and you stammer.”

Li Na looked at Xu Qian anxiously and pursed her lips.
Her defense was instantly broken and her eyes turned red.
“Sister Xu, I, I really can’t…”

Li Na was really afraid to say it!

Xu Qian’s expression turned serious as she questioned sternly, “When I was packing up the operating theater just now, I didn’t find Qiao Nian’s blood bag.
Besides, she was clearly the first to donate blood.
Why was her name the last one on the blood donation record? Tell me the truth.
Did she donate blood or not? What happened in the operating theater when I left the operating theater?”

Li Na’s legs buckled, and she stumbled back a step.
She managed to hold on to the table, steady herself, and nodded hesitantly.

Xu Qian’s expression instantly darkened.
Indeed, this matter was exactly as she had imagined.

“What happened? Why are you all hiding it from me?” Xu Qian frowned.

The chief surgeon, Doctor Sha, had always been open and honest.
But this time, he also lied.

Li Na looked at the door in fear.
Seeing that there was no one there, she walked to Xu Qian’s side and lowered her voice.
“Doctor Qiao instructed us not to tell anyone.”


“Sister Xu, I really can’t say anymore.
Can you let me go? Doctor Qiao also said that she would give us two million yuan to keep quiet.
Why don’t I give you 500,000 yuan? Stop asking around!”

Xu Qian was stunned when she heard Li Na say that.

Two million?

Qiao Nian was really generous.

Not only did Qiao Nian use money to keep her mouth shut, but she also acted like a mistress who was stealing someone else’s boyfriend.

At this thought, Xu Qian’s good impression of Qiao Nian instantly disappeared.

Qiao Nian had done everything she hated.

“You really can’t tell me?”

“Why don’t I give you a million yuan? Sister Xu, you should know that we can’t afford to offend them.
We should just live our lives obediently!”

When Xu Qian heard Li Na say this, she lowered her eyes thoughtfully.

Li Na was saying this for her own good.

That family of five was counting on Li Na to support them.

Li Na was willing to part with a million dollars to make a deal with her.
That meant Li Na was definitely not saying anything.

Xu Qian thought for a moment before saying, “Qiao Nian gave you that money.
Keep it for yourself!”

“Then …”

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask that question again.”

Xu Qian also understood that no matter who she asked, she would not get an answer.
There was no need to continue asking.

“Thank you, Sister Xu.” Li Na smiled at Xu Qian.

“Alright, go and rest!” Xu Qian said calmly.

Li Na nodded quickly and walked to the door.

After Li Na left, Xu Qian let out a long sigh.
Although she had already gotten an answer, her heart felt even heavier.

The two events had become even more confusing.

Qiao Nian had given everyone two million yuan to tell the public that she had already donated blood to Lu Zhu.
Why did Qiao Nian want to hide this from Lu Zhu?


What the hell was going on?

However, Xu Qian was sure that Song Yue was not lying to her.


Qiao Nian must have many unspeakable secrets.

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