Chapter 1146: Let’s Eat

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When Su Yan heard Qiao Nian’s words, her heart ached even more.
“No wonder I felt a sense of familiarity when I saw you.
So you’re my daughter.
It must be the connection between us mother and daughter.
That’s why Mom has feelings for you.”

Hearing Su Yan’s gentle voice, Qiao Nian thought of Matriarch Gu again.

She had once received the warmth of an elder from Matriarch Gu.
Now, her mother gave her such warmth.

“Mom, don’t cry on such a happy day.
I’m a little hungry.
Let’s eat!” Qiao Nian really didn’t want Su Yan to cry anymore.

Now that Su Yan was crying, she was a little out of breath.
She helped Su Yan smooth her back.

Su Yan nodded.
It wasn’t easy for her to feel better.
She said, “Yes, you’re right.
Let’s eat!”

In the past, she had always felt that Sugar was not dead.
Every day, she imagined that Sugar was still by her side.

In her dream, she had once fantasized about Sugar growing up, but no matter how she fantasized, it was useless.
In her dream, Sugar always looked like a three-year-old.

She thought that she was dreaming again.
She even dreamed that she imagined Sugar grown up, but she realized that all of this was real.

Su Yan slowly lowered her gaze.
Back then, she should have believed that there were miracles in this world.
She might have been able to find Sugar.
She should have posted missing persons posters everywhere in An City and spent a lot of money to find her.
She might have been able to find Sugar sooner.

In her dreams, she sometimes hoped that Sugar would go home on her own.
But after she woke up, she remembered that Sugar was only three years old when she was kidnapped.

What could a three-year-old child know?

Su Yan tried hard to regulate her breathing.
She held Qiao Nian’s hand tightly and said gently, “Sugar, stay by Mom’s side from now on.
Don’t leave.
Mom will make it up to you, okay?”

Qiao Nian nodded.

Qiao Nian really hadn’t expected her mother to love her so deeply.

Even though “she” had passed away for so long, her mother had still built a small courtyard for her to remember her forever.
Moreover, her mother had asked everyone to remember her.
When she returned home, her brothers and sisters were all very happy.
None of them were unhappy.

Qiao Nian felt that her suffering had come to an end.

“Let’s eat.
Don’t cry anymore.” Seeing that Qiao Nian’s eyes were red, Su Yan carefully wiped her tears with a tissue.
“You’ll definitely be the happiest person in the world in the future.”


Qiao Nian’s gaze fell on Gu Zhou’s face not far away.
Gu Zhou stared unblinkingly at her, his deep eyes filled with gentleness.

Su Yan took care of Qiao Nian while she ate.
After she composed herself, she glanced at her useless sons coldly, exuding a cold aura.
“Tell me, who suggested hiding your sister?”

Qiao Nian was about to eat when she heard Su Yan’s words.
She saw her four brothers immediately tense up.

Lu Qi silently raised her hand and said weakly, “Mom, I didn’t do this.
I’m very timid.
You know that.”

“Escape Lu, shut up.
You’re not that promising,” Su Yan said unhappily, frowning.

Lu Qi lowered her head and muttered softly, “Mom actually called me by my nickname.

Su Yan’s gaze fell on Lu Zhu’s face and she said, “You’re the eldest brother.
Tell me what’s going on.”

Lu Zhu put down the chopsticks in his hand.
He knew that he could forget about eating properly tonight.
“I did this.
It has nothing to do with my younger brothers.”

Su Yan was slightly stunned.
She hadn’t expected Boss to be behind this.


When Eldest Brother found his sister, he actually hid her and didn’t tell her.
The anger on Su Yan’s body intensified.
If she had known earlier that her Sugar was still alive, she would have been reunited with her sooner.

“Bring up the family rules!” Su Yan looked at Lu Zhu coldly.
Worried that Qiao Nian would be afraid, she turned to look at Qiao Nian, her gaze instantly gentle.
“Eat well.
Don’t interfere with the rest.”

Qiao Nian was still a little stunned.
She blinked in confusion.
She hadn’t expected her mother to really hit her brother!

Lu Nian also put down his chopsticks and said gently, “Mom, actually, I’m also involved in this matter..
Since you want to punish me, bring me along!”

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