1122 I am willing to marry!

Lu Qi stared unblinkingly at Jiang Chi.
She slowly lowered her gaze and said softly, “I-I’m willing to marry Mr.

When Jiang Chi heard Lu Qi’s words, the coldness in his body dissipated a little.
There was a smile in his eyes as he said in satisfaction, “Yes, it’s good that you’ve thought it through.
You’re indeed a smart girl.
No wonder my brother likes you.”

Lu Qi: You’re really lying through your teeth!

However, Lu Qi did not dare to say it.
She pursed her lips slightly and looked up at Jiang Chi.
“Although I agreed to Brother Jiang’s marriage proposal, according to the ceremony of the ghost marriage, Brother Jiang still has to propose marriage to my family.
The betrothal gifts can’t be any less!”

Lu Qi said this because she wanted to stall for time.
As long as her brothers knew that she was threatened, they would definitely be able to come and save her.

Jiang Chi was silent for a moment before nodding gently.
“Alright, I’ll inform your parents.
As for the betrothal gift, I think a billion yuan will always prove our Jiang family’s sincerity.”

Lu Qi looked at Jiang Chi in shock!

Inform her parents?

Generally speaking, the purpose of informing the other party was to let them know that there was such a thing.
It was not to ask for their agreement at all.

There shouldn’t be many people in An City or the entire country who could inform the Lu family of something easily.

Jiang Chi had met his brother, which meant that he knew about the Lu family.

Under such circumstances, Jiang Chi even used the word “inform”!

Who exactly was Jiang Chi?

A billion yuan in betrothal gifts?

This man had said this number so easily, proving that the Jiang family was also very rich.

Lu Qi looked up at Jiang Chi and shook her head in disapproval.
“Brother Jiang, the dead are the most important.
We should make Mr.
Jiang’s ghost marriage more dignified.”

When Jiang Chi heard Lu Qi’s words, he smiled coldly and walked to the sofa to sit down.
He casually crossed his legs and raised his eyebrows slightly.
“What does it mean to be more dignified?”

“Giving money as a betrothal gift would be an insult to Mr.
Jiang’s soul.
According to An City’s customs, preparing another billion yuan in cash is what I call sincerity.” At this point, Lu Qi completely ignored Jiang Chi’s dark expression and continued, “I’ll also prepare the dowry.
Only then can the ghost marriage be held in a grand manner.”

Jiang Chi lowered his gaze.
Jiang Cheng’s face appeared in his mind.
In a daze, he seemed to see Jiang Cheng standing in front of him and smiling at him.

Jiang Cheng’s smile was very warm.
Jiang Chi couldn’t help but smile.

Jiang Chi thought to himself that although Lu Qi had married Jiang Cheng reluctantly, this wedding belonged to his younger brother.
He should indeed hold it with dignity.

“Okay.” Jiang Chi thought that he had many subordinates.
He would be able to prepare everything in a day or two.

Jiang left early.
I sympathize with his plight.
He’s my teacher.
I want to respect him more.” Lu Qi looked at Jiang Chi sincerely.
“I want to stay at the temple for forty-nine days to pray for Mr.
Only then will I be able to show my respect for Mr.

After Lu Qi finished speaking, without waiting for Jiang Chi to speak, she continued, “Mr.
Jiang and I are both medical fanatics.
I want to continue studying medicine and fulfill Mr.
Jiang and my wish.”

Jiang Chi stared unblinkingly at Lu Qi.
He saw Lu Qi’s sparkling eyes when she mentioned “studying medicine”.
In a daze, he saw Jiang Cheng’s eyes sparkling when he read the medical book.

If Jiang Cheng was still alive, Jiang Cheng and Lu Qi should be soul mates.

“Okay.” Jiang Chi nodded and his gaze fell on Lu Qi’s face.
“As long as you can be a widow for my brother for the rest of your life, I won’t delay you in anything else.”

Lu Qi nodded casually.
She had already fought for more than a month.
If her brothers wanted to save her, a month was enough!

However, she still had to think of a way to escape herself.
She couldn’t sit back and do nothing!

Jiang Chi looked at Lu Qi and became even more satisfied with his sister-in-law.
“Let’s go.
I’ll take you to see my brother!”

As Jiang Chi spoke, he led the way out.

Lu Qi had no choice but to follow.
She looked calm on the surface, but she was already panicking.

The bodyguards had been guarding Lu Qi and Jiang Chi on both sides.
Lu Qi did not even have a chance to escape.

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