1119 I will attend the appointment on his behalf!

The girl looked at Jiang Chi in confusion and blinked, as if she didn’t understand what he was doing.

Lu Qi hesitated for a moment.
Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and asked politely, “Hello, may I ask who you are…”

Lu Qi paused.

Only then did Jiang Chi realize that the girl in front of him was Qi Qi, who had been emailing him.

“I’m…” Jiang Chi thought of his brother lying in the ice coffin and frowned.
“I’m Mr.
Jiang’s brother! He can’t attend this because he’s caught up with something.
I’m here on his behalf!”

Lu Qi’s eyes lit up.
She had never expected the genius doctor, Mr.
Jiang, to be a young man.
Even if Mr.
Jiang was old, it was impossible for him to be older than the person in front of her!

Wow, Mr.
Jiang was a young genius!

She had to study hard with Mr.
Jiang and work hard to become as outstanding as him.

“Hello, Brother Jiang.
I’m Qi Qi, who often emails Mr.
My name is Lu Qi!” Lu Qi looked at Jiang Chi with sparkling eyes.
Her eyes were filled with smiles as she reached out to him.
“Nice to meet you!”

Jiang Chi lowered his gaze slightly and his gaze fell on Lu Qi’s fair and tender hands.
He couldn’t help but frown.
The name Lu Qi was a little familiar!

He seemed to have heard this name before…

Liang Tu glanced at Lu Qi and moved closer to Jiang Chi’s ear, saying in a low voice, “There should only be one Lu Qi in An City.
I heard that she’s the young lady of the Lu family!”

When Jiang Chi heard the words “Lu family”, he looked at Lu Qi with interest!

His first reaction was that Lu Qi was Lu Zhu’s sister.



Back then, when Jiang Cheng lived in the Lu family, he often called him.
During this period, he had also mentioned that there was a young lady in the Lu family called Lu Qi.

No wonder Lu Qi had thought that he was Jiang Cheng when she first saw him!

He looked very similar to Jiang Cheng.
It was only natural that Lu Qi had mistaken him for someone else.

Jiang Chi reached out and shook Lu Qi’s hand before letting go!

Lu Qi had also heard the conversation between Liang Tu and Jiang Cheng.
She looked at Jiang Chi in surprise and said, “So Brother Jiang knows my brother too!”

“Not only do we know each other, but we also have a deep relationship!” Jiang Cheng couldn’t help but frown, but he quickly relaxed.
There was a hint of danger in his words.

There was an irreconcilable enmity between him and Lu Zhu.
If Qiao Nian hadn’t appeared back then, he would have torn Lu Zhu into pieces long ago to avenge his brother!

Lu Qi didn’t notice the change in Jiang Cheng’s gaze.
She continued to say happily, “That’s really a coincidence.
Brother Jiang, this private room seems to have been reserved by someone else.
Why don’t we change to another private room?”

Jiang Chi looked at Lu Qi’s sweet smile and seemed to see Jiang Cheng again.
Lu Qi was the same as Jiang Cheng.
Her smile was very clean.
Through the innocence in Lu Qi’s eyes, he understood that Lu Qi should be an innocent person, just like his younger brother!

“There’s no mistake.” Jiang Chi walked into the private room.

A trace of surprise flashed in Lu Qi’s eyes.
There were clearly so many people in this private room.
Why did Brother Jiang say that they hadn’t entered the wrong room?

When Jiang Chi walked in, he sat in the middle of the crowd.
The men in well-tailored suits were all standing around.

Lu Qi felt as if she was looking at a triad boss!

How strange!

Before Lu Qi could figure it out, Liang Tu had already locked the door of the private room.
A trace of surprise flashed in her eyes, and she couldn’t help but panic!

Who exactly was Mr.
Jiang’s brother?

She was just here to meet her idol.
Why did his men lock the door?

Lu Qi stood at the door, stubbornly refusing to enter.

Jiang Chi crossed his legs and looked at Lu Qi lazily.
He said slowly, “Miss Lu Qi, I’m here today to help my brother fulfill his wish!”

Although Jiang Chi’s tone was gentle, the way he looked at Lu Qi was cold.

Lu Qi had a bad feeling.
She tried hard to remain calm, but her palms were still covered in sweat.

Lu Qi swallowed and tried hard to maintain her normal voice.
“Why didn’t Mr.
Jiang do it himself?”

“He can’t come.
I can help him fulfill his last wish.”

Lu Qi’s clear eyes were filled with surprise.
Her voice trembled as she said, “Last wish?”

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