1118 Wrong Room?

Lu Qi’s heart was in a mess.
She had thought that it would be a long time before she met Mr.
She didn’t expect Mr.
Jiang to ask her to meet him the day after she solved the question.

Lu Qi’s mind was filled with thoughts of meeting Mr.
Jiang last night.
She tossed and turned, not sleeping for almost the entire night!

The attendant opened the door of the private room and invited Lu Qi in!

Lu Qi smiled at the attendant.
“Thank you!”

Lu Qi retracted her gaze from the attendant’s face and her gaze fell on the private room.
When she saw that the entire private room was filled with people in black suits, she blinked in confusion.

Had she remembered the private room number wrongly?

Lu Qi was too embarrassed to look at everyone.
She silently moved back and walked to the door.
Only then did she realize that the door of the private room had already closed.
She hurriedly took out her phone and glanced at the email.
The meeting address written on the email was here!

She wasn’t in the wrong place!

Strange, why were there so many strangers in the room?

Lu Qi opened the door awkwardly and was about to leave.
Just as she opened the door, a man stood in front of her.

Qiao Nian stretched lazily on the bed, thinking about how she hadn’t received a call from Lu Qi last night.
Now, she called Lu Qi back.
Just as she turned on her cell phone, she saw a text from Lu Qi.

What Mr.

Qiao Nian had a bad feeling about this.
She hurriedly prepared to call Lu Qi!

Could the ten questions on that post be related to Jiang Chi?

Regardless of whether the other party was Jiang Chi, as long as Lu Qi did not meet him, she would not be in danger.

Before Qiao Nian could make the call, her phone rang.
It was Qin Chuan.

“Hello? Old Qin?”

Qin Chuan’s calm voice came from the cell phone.
He said, “Sister Nian, Jiang Chi has come to An City!”

Qiao Nian’s heart jumped to her throat, and a chill ran down her spine.
She recalled the message Lu Qi had sent her previously and frowned.
She asked impatiently, “Then do you know what Jiang Chi is going to An City for?”

“He went to the Venus Cafe as soon as he got off the plane!”

Qiao Nian’s heart jumped to her throat.
She swallowed nervously and hurriedly said, “Old Qin, please go to the Venus Cafe now.
Lu Qi has gone there.
She just sent me a message saying that she’s going to see Mr.
I’m a little worried about her safety now.
If Mr.
Jiang is Jiang Chi, she might be hurt.
Help me protect my sister.
I’ll go back immediately!”


After Qin Chuan hung up, he took off the Bluetooth earpiece in his ear and stepped on the accelerator.
The car instantly disappeared at the end of the road like an arrow!

Venus Cafe!

Lu Qi looked up at the man in front of her.
Even though she was used to looking at her handsome brothers in the family, and her aesthetic standards had already increased by several times, she still couldn’t help but be shocked when she looked at the man in front of her!

The man’s blue eyes were like the sea, mesmerizing.

“Brother Jiang Cheng?” Lu Qi murmured.
The man in front of her looked very similar to Jiang Cheng.
As soon as she finished speaking, she felt the pressure emanating from the man and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, I might have mistaken you for someone else!”

Brother Jiang Cheng had passed away two years ago!

Lu Qi lowered her eyes slightly and did not notice the man’s probing gaze on her.
She prepared to circle around the man and leave!

Jiang Chi looked down at the girl in front of him.
The girl had short hair that reached her ears and a palm-sized face.
She looked obedient and one could tell at a glance that she was an obedient girl!

However, this girl was wearing a loose sweater and baggy jeans.
She was dressed like a tomboy!

Jiang Chi looked at the girl’s face in front of him and felt that she looked familiar.
He seemed to have seen her somewhere before.

Suddenly, an idea flashed across Jiang Chi’s mind.
The girl’s face gradually fused with Qiao Nian’s.

This girl’s face was 70% similar to Qiao Nian’s, but this girl was a little short.
Her head had just reached his chest.

Seeing that the girl was about to leave, Jiang Chi moved and blocked her way, staring unblinkingly at her.

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