1110 Ten Questions

It was actually the ten questions her grandfather had set for her!

She glanced at the time of the post on Tieba.
This post had been published after her grandfather disappeared!

Could it really be Grandpa who had published it?

Qiao Nian wanted to crack this website, but it was protected by a region’s security, so she couldn’t do so for the time being.

Although she couldn’t completely crack this website, Qiao Nian had obtained a piece of information.
The IP address of this website was overseas in MY.

Qiao Nian’s expression grew more and more serious.
Could it be that her grandfather had been taken to MY?

Qiao Nian remembered that Gu Zhou’s brother and his bodyguard had also disappeared with her grandfather.

Through her communication with Gu Zhou, she suspected that Brother Gu Zhou’s bodyguard was her Eldest Senior Brother.

At that time, Brother Gu Zhou’s bodyguard had once appeared in MY.
This meant that Grandpa and Brother Gu Zhou were both in MY now?

No, what if this set of questions was published by Qin Chuan?

With this thought in mind, Qiao Nian immediately called Qin Chuan.
The call went through very quickly!

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Chuan’s lazy voice came through the phone.

Qiao Nian went straight to the point.
“Did you publish the ten questions Grandpa gave us on MY’s Tieba?”

“Why would I publish that?” Qin Chuan asked in confusion.
However, he quickly reacted and asked warily, “Are you saying that the ten questions by grandpa are on the online forum?”

“Yes, this post was published after Grandpa disappeared!” Qiao Nian lowered her gaze slightly, gradually falling into deep thought.

“Could it be… could it be Senior Brother? Or could it be Grandpa?” Qin Chuan immediately turned serious.
“Was the post posted in MY?”


“Send me the link now.
I’ll go investigate.” As Qin Chuan spoke, he seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Where did you find this post?”

“My sister, Lu Qi, has been solving the questions on this thread.
She didn’t know how to answer one of the questions, so she asked me.
I realized that it was Grandpa who had set the questions for us, so I asked her for a link!”

“Lu Qi?” Qin Chuan muttered thoughtfully, his eyes slightly lit up.

Qiao Nian naturally couldn’t see Qin Chuan’s current expression.
She sent a link to the post and said, “The post was published after Grandpa disappeared.
I suspect that some of the missing people must still be alive!”

Qin Chuan said thoughtfully, “I think so too.
Since it was posted in MY, I should be able to find that person very soon! Looks like I’ll have to make a trip there.”

“Let me know when you’ve arranged a time.
I’ll go with you!” Qiao Nian said with a frown.
She raised her hand and massaged her temples, feeling inexplicably tired!


“Do you know Jiang Cheng?” Qiao Nian thought that if she went to MY, Jiang Chi would definitely look for her.
Then, she had to investigate the truth of Jiang Cheng’s death in advance.

“Jiang Cheng? Are you referring to Jiang Chi’s younger brother?”


“I’ve never interacted with him.
I once met him at a banquet.
I remember that he studied medicine too.
I think he’s a forensic doctor!” Qin Chuan said casually.

“What banquet?”

“Three years ago, the Lu family held an auction!” After Qin Chuan finished speaking, a sweet face appeared in his mind, and the corners of his mouth curved up slightly.


Qiao Nian nodded and hung up.

Qiao Nian looked at the computer screen blankly, her thoughts drifting away.

Her people had also found out that Jiang Cheng was a forensic doctor.
The reason why Jiang Cheng had followed Lu Zhu to An City was because he wanted to learn from her mother.

Her mother was a world-renowned forensic doctor!

Jiang Cheng was a medical fanatic.
He came to An City to learn, but he died in An City in the end!

Could it be that Jiang Chi had kidnapped Grandpa and the others previously?

She didn’t think so.

In MY, Qin Chuan and Jiang Chi were evenly matched.
Jiang Chi’s actions could not be hidden from Qin Chuan, nor could Qin Chuan’s actions be hidden from Jiang Chi.

If Jiang Chi had really kidnapped his grandfather, Qin Chuan should be able to find out who it was.

Could it be that Jiang Chi had another dark force that Qin Chuan’s people didn’t know about?

Was it done by Jiang Chi?

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