1101 Chasing Her Away!

Gu Zhou called the security officer directly.
The call went through very quickly.
“Security officer, there’s a lunatic at our door.
How does your security system work?”

“I’m sorry, may I know where you are now?”

Gu Zhou gave him the house number and let go of Shen Fang.
He stood beside Qiao Nian and reached out to hold her waist.
Only then would he be in a better mood.

In less than two minutes, the security officer arrived and dragged Shen Fang away.

Shen Fang was dragged away by the security officers in a sorry state.
She kept turning to look at Gu Zhou and shouted, “I’m already willing to give up my status to follow you.
Why are you still doing this to me?”

“I’m clearly much prettier than Qiao Nian!”

“Qiao Nian hypnotized you.
Your feelings for Qiao Nian aren’t real! You were deceived by her!”

Shen Fang’s voice grew further and further away.
Gu Zhou didn’t take Shen Fang’s words to heart at all.
Holding Qiao Nian in his arms, he walked home.

Gu Zhou closed the courtyard door and said thoughtfully, “Looks like the security system in the villa area will have to be strengthened.
I’ll get a security officer to guard the door later!”

When Qiao Nian heard Gu Zhou’s words, she nodded in agreement and said, “Back then, Song Man used to live here.
She and Qiao Xin were in cahoots.
Many people must know about the Dongjiang villa.
It’s indeed not safe here anymore.”

At first, Gu Zhou hadn’t thought too much about it.
Now that he heard Qiao Nian’s words, he pondered for a moment and said, “We should move to another house! However, we still have to get someone to watch over this place.
When the time comes, we’ll see if those people will come looking for us.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nian smiled and nodded.

Gu Zhou lowered his head and planted a kiss on Qiao Nian’s forehead.
The nausea from just now instantly dissipated.
He looked at Qiao Nian gently.
“I’ll make a call.”

Gu Zhou called Chen Qing and asked, “Where are you now?”

“Second Young Master, I’m at the Gu family’s hospital now.
I’ve already gotten someone to perform surgery on Shen Hao.
He’s a eunuch now.
Should we lock him up or let him go?” Chen Qing’s voice was respectful.

When Gu Zhou heard Chen Qing’s words, his gaze instantly turned cold.
“Let him go!”

Shen Hao was already a eunuch now.
He could no longer be a man in the future.
He could not be bothered to spend more effort on such a person.

In the past, Shen Hao had an affair.
Now, he was a eunuch.
Xu Qiu probably wouldn’t want Shen Hao anymore.

Chen Qing nodded.
“Alright, Second Young Master.
I’ll let him go now.”

Seeing Qiao Nian enter the living room, Gu Zhou lowered his voice and asked, “I asked you to investigate Nian’er’s birthgiving previously.
How’s the investigation going?”

Chen Qing gripped his cell phone tightly and frowned in frustration.
“Second Young Master, I’ve investigated.
Everything is normal.
There’s nothing abnormal.”

Gu Zhou frowned.
Back then, when the child was replaced, it must have involved many people.
He didn’t believe that everyone could keep their mouths shut without evidence, so he said, “Go and investigate how many children were born in all the city hospitals in the week before that day.
At that time, Nian’er gave birth to three children.
Another child should have been taken away.
Go and find news of that child.”

“Three children?” Chen Qing was stunned.
At first, he thought that Second Young Master only had Little Master Gu Qi.
Later on, Miss Xiao Shi appeared.
He thought that Second Young Master and the clueless Young Madam had given birth to twins.

He had only not seen Second Young Master for a while, but Second Young Master had already told him that the clueless Young Madam had given birth to triplets.

This… this was too fantastical!

“Okay,” Gu Zhou agreed.

Chen Qing recovered from his shock and said, “Second Young Master, I’ll get it done now.”

After Gu Zhou hung up, he walked towards the living room.
When he saw Qiao Nian coming out of the kitchen with two glasses of fruit juice, his eyes gradually softened.

“Here.” Qiao Nian walked up to Gu Zhou and handed him a glass of fruit juice.

Gu Zhou took it and took Qiao Nian’s hand to sit on the sofa.
He said gently, “Nian’er, make an appointment with Qin Chuan.
I want to meet him!”

Qiao Nian also wanted to ask Qin Chuan what had happened back then, so she nodded and said, “Okay.”

Qiao Nian called Qin Chuan.
The two of them arranged to meet at the Venus Cafe at seven tonight.

Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian were obsessed with their third child, so they set off for the cafe at six o’clock.

The two of them sat in the private room.
Gu Zhou frowned and looked at his cell phone from time to time, wanting to see if there was any news from Chen Qing.

However, to Gu Zhou’s disappointment, Chen Qing did not sent him a message.

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