During the surgery, the doctor removed Song Yue’s uterus.

Without her uterus, Song Yue could no longer have children.


Thinking of this, Xu Qian couldn’t help but sigh.
Such a beautiful person actually couldn’t have children.

Xu Qian changed the dressing and was about to leave when the patient on the bed suddenly opened her eyes.

Xu Qian was about to ask about her health when she saw the patient on the bed screaming in fear.


Song Yue screamed in fear and hid in the corner, trembling.

Xu Qian didn’t expect Song Yue to make such a big commotion.
She was shocked and quickly comforted her, “Miss Song, don’t be afraid.
You’re fine now.”

“Don’t come any closer, I beg you!”

At this moment, Song Yue did not dare to open her eyes at all.
She screamed loudly, as if this would reduce her fear.

“Miss Song, you’re safe now.
Don’t be afraid!” Xu Qian comforted her.

Hearing Xu Qian’s voice, Song Yue slowly opened her eyes and looked around.
When she realized that she was in the hospital, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Song Yue’s gaze landed on her stomach, and she felt a wave of pain.

Xu Qian was also a woman, so she naturally knew what Song Yue was thinking.
Seeing that Song Yue was a little pitiful, she comforted her, “Miss Song, you have to pull yourself together.
As long as you’re still alive, you’ll slowly get better in the future!”

Hearing Xu Qian’s words, Song Yue was slightly stunned.
She asked loudly, “Is Qiao Nian here?”

“She should be taking care of Mr.
Lu now!” Xu Qian said honestly.

Hearing Xu Qian’s words, Song Yue completely ignored the pain in her body.
She gripped the blanket under her tightly, her eyes filled with hatred.

Jiang Chi’s men were simply useless.
They couldn’t even deal with Qiao Nian.

“Where’s Lu Zhu?”

Lu was seriously injured.
He’s done with the surgery now.”


Hearing Xu Qian’s words, Song Yue immediately became nervous and asked, “Surgery? What surgery? Why does he have to undergo surgery?”

“When Mr.
Lu was sent here, he was shot in the chest and lost a lot of blood.
Fortunately, he’s past the critical stage now.”

When Song Yue heard this, her heart rose to her throat nervously.
She couldn’t help but ask about Lu Zhu’s situation.

Initially, Xu Qian didn’t want to say so much to Song Yue, but Song Yue seemed to be especially emotional, so she answered honestly.

Moreover, Xu Qian even told her about Qiao Nian’s blood transfusion for Lu Zhu.


Song Yue’s heart ached when she heard this.
Tears streamed down her face.
Why was her Brother Lu Zhu so pitiful?

Qiao Nian!

Qiao Nian had actually lost so much blood because of Lu Zhu.

When Lu Zhu woke up, he might be very grateful to Qiao Nian.
Then, Lu Zhu’s relationship with Qiao Nian would become better and better.
She might not have a chance anymore.


Song Yue rolled her eyes and her gaze landed on Xu Qian’s face.
She asked, “Are you in charge of taking care of Brother Lu Zhu in the future?”


When Song Yue heard this, she immediately looked at Xu Qian with teary eyes and begged, “Doctor Xu, can you do me a favor? Can you not tell Lu Zhu that Qiao Nian gave him a blood transfusion? I’m willing to give you a million yuan!”

Xu Qian frowned when she heard Song Yue’s words.
She asked curiously, “Why?”

“I’m Lu Zhu’s fiancée.
Qiao Nian is a mistress, and I really don’t want to lose Brother Lu Zhu.
My uterus is gone, and he’s all I have left.
Doctor Xu, I beg you, please help me, okay?”

Xu Qian was stunned.
She had never expected Doctor Qiao to be a third party.

Song Yue was already so miserable now.
She shouldn’t be lying!

“How about two million?” Song Yue quickly said.

Xu Qian frowned.
She originally did not like people who threw money at others.
These people thought that with a little money, the entire world would be theirs.

However, when Xu Qian thought about how Song Yue’s uterus was gone and her fiancé had also cheated on her, her sympathy prevailed!


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