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The more Qiao Xin spoke, the happier she became.
Her eyes sparkled.
As long as Qiao Nian wasn’t doing well, she would be very happy.

Qiao Xin continued, “Gu Zhou, Qiao Nian has slept with many men.
She only pretends to be innocent on the surface, but she’s actually very dirty.
She’s just a broken shoe that others don’t want! Do you like such lewd women?”

Qiao Xin believed that no man could accept that his woman was a lewd woman.

Gu Zhou was also a high and mighty man.
She did not believe that such a man would be willing to take a broken shoe that others did not want!

Qiao Xin watched as Gu Zhou’s expression darkened.
She sensed a cold aura emanating from Gu Zhou.

Previously, she had not said anything about what happened six years ago because she wanted to expose this matter at the critical moment!

Reality proved that she had made the right move.

Gu Zhou must hate Qiao Nian very much.
Without Gu Zhou’s support, she wanted to see how long Qiao Nian could continue to be smug.

It wouldn’t be long before Qiao Nian knelt down and begged for mercy!

At that time, she would be the high and mighty eldest daughter of the Qiao family.

At the thought of Qiao Nian kneeling at her feet and begging for mercy, Qiao Xin couldn’t help but smile!

Qiao Yu’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.
He clenched his fists tightly and roared, “Enough! Why are you sowing discord between them?”

“Brother, how can you say that about me!”

“I hope you can become the innocent and kind sister you were when you were young, not the scheming sister I can’t recognize now.
Have you returned to your room to look in the mirror? Have you seen your current image? Don’t say such words to stir conflict!”

“Brother, you’re criticizing me for that woman again! But I’m your biological sister.
How can you help her…”

However, before Qiao Xin could finish speaking, the rest of her words were stuck in her throat!

With one hand around Qiao Xin’s neck, Gu Zhou’s expression darkened.
He took a few steps forward, forcing Qiao Xin to keep retreating.
In the end, he pressed Qiao Xin against the tree…

Qiao Xin looked at Gu Zhou in fear.
Her neck was gripped so tightly that she could barely breathe, and it was gradually becoming difficult to breathe.


Why was Gu Zhou doing this to her?

It was true that Gu Zhou was angry.
Shouldn’t Gu Zhou be looking for trouble with Qiao Nian?

Qiao Xin’s frown deepened!

Could it be that she had hit the nail on the head about Gu Zhou’s pain? Was that why Gu Zhou had treated her like this?

Qiao Xin struggled to breathe.
She wanted to question Gu Zhou, but she couldn’t say a word.

Was she going to be strangled to death by Gu Zhou?

She didn’t want to die!

She couldn’t take this lying down!

She hadn’t stepped on Qiao Nian yet.
If she died now, she would die with her eyes wide open!

Qiao Yu watched as Qiao Xin’s eyes gradually rolled back in her head.
His frown deepened!

Qiao Yu also knew about the mistakes Qiao Xin had made.
Although he disapproved of Qiao Xin’s actions, Qiao Xin was still his younger sister.
He couldn’t just watch as Qiao Xin was strangled to death by Gu Zhou.

With this thought in mind, Qiao Yu stepped forward to save Qiao Xin!

However, Qiao Yu had just taken a step when he was stopped by Chen Qing!

Chen Qing looked at Qiao Yu expressionlessly and said calmly, “Mr.
Qiao, please don’t go over.
Second Young Master is just handling family matters.
If you insist on going over, Qiao Xin won’t be the only one who will pay the price!”

Qiao Yu frowned.
No matter what, Qiao Xin was his sister.
He couldn’t leave her in the lurch!

Just as Qiao Yu was about to speak, Gu Zhou casually flung Qiao Xin aside!

Qiao Xin fell to the ground in a sorry state.
Now, she couldn’t care less about her image.
She took deep breaths, breathing in the hard-won air!

At this moment, Qiao Xin felt that it was great to be alive!

Qiao Yu walked up to Qiao Xin and reached out to help her up.

Qiao Xin flung Qiao Yu’s hand away fiercely and glared at him with hatred written all over her face.
She said angrily, “Are you really my biological brother? How can you leave me in the lurch?”

When Qiao Yu heard Qiao Xin’s words, his face was filled with disappointment.
He slowly retracted his hand and took two steps back, standing with his hands behind his back!

He only hoped that Qiao Xin would become as innocent, kind, and adorable as before.
Sadly, all of this seemed to be his one-sided wish!

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