1073 Spraying Excrement

It would have been fine if Shen Hao hadn’t spoken, but once he did, Xu Qiu flew into a rage.

She and Shen Hao had been husband and wife for thirty years.
If Shen Hao stuck out his butt, she would know what he wanted to do.

She didn’t need to think to know that it must be because he had said that Qiao Nian’s words were too unpleasant.
Shen Hao wanted to protect Qiao Nian!

She really didn’t understand.
Why would Shen Hao protect an ugly woman like Qiao Nian?

Xu Qiu was also a straightforward person.
She couldn’t accept that her man was protecting another woman.
She was like a volcano erupting as she said, “You old pervert, have you taken a liking to that wretched girl, Qiao Nian? I’ve worked hard for you for thirty years by washing your clothes, cooking your meals, and even giving birth to your children.
Now, you’ve fallen for a vixen.
How can you be so shameless?”

“I didn’t!” Shen Hao hurriedly explained!

When Xu Qiu heard Shen Hao’s words, his anger surged towards Qiao Nian again.
“You shameless wretch.
Other than seducing men, what else do you know how to do? You’re wearing so little.
Who are you showing off for?! In my opinion, I should break your legs, lest you go out and harm other men!”

As soon as Xu Qiu finished speaking, Chen Qing walked over with a steel rod!

Seeing Chen Qing’s aura, Shen Hao’s face immediately turned pale.

He didn’t know where the men in front of him had come from, but his subconscious told him that he couldn’t afford to offend them!

Shen Hao looked at Xu Qiu anxiously.
Holding Xu Qiu’s arm, he said in a low voice, “Alright, stop talking.
Look at what he’s holding!”

Xu Qiu followed Shen Hao’s gaze.
When she saw the steel rod in Xu Qing’s hand, her face turned pale!

Good lord, who in a proper family would carry a steel rod around!

Xu Qiu knew that she had encountered a tough nut to crack.
The small volcano instantly extinguished, and she did not dare to say a word!

Chen Qing weighed the steel rod in his hand.
Ever since Second Young Master broke Qiao Shan’s leg with it, he had instructed him to prepare a steel rod at any time in case of emergencies!

Xu Qiu was initially terrified, but when she saw Chen Qing’s arrogant expression, she stammered, “Why? Do you still want to beat me to death?”

Chen Qing curled his fingers slightly.
Two bodyguards walked over from behind!

Like a cat whose fur had exploded, Xu Qiu staggered two steps back and shouted in panic, “W-What are you doing?”

The two bodyguards ignored Xu Qiu’s screams and grabbed one of her arms!

Xu Qiu twisted her fat body and screamed, “You bandits, let go of me quickly.
How dare you bully me with numbers? You’re simply disregarding the law.
Do you still have any respect for the law? Sister Su Xue, come and save me.
Don’t let your daughter hit me!”

Holding the steel rod, Chen Qing walked up to Xu Qiu expressionlessly and hit her in the mouth without hesitation.

Xu Qiu instantly screamed in pain.
Her lips trembled, and she couldn’t say a word.
Her lips were swollen like two sausages!

Shen Hao gasped in fear.
He did not dare to make a sound and stood there with his neck hunched.

Shen Hao stole a glance at Qiao Nian.
Qiao Nian’s eyes were cold, as if she wanted to beat Xu Qiu to death today.

Shen Hao had a bad feeling about this.
How had Qiao Nian become so cold-blooded and heartless? He couldn’t just watch as Qiao Nian really beat Xu Qiu to death!

Shen Hao looked at Su Xue for help and begged, “Sister Xue, can you ask your daughter to stop hitting her? My wife’s mouth is a little foul.
She’s been hit now, so let her go!”

As soon as Shen Hao finished speaking, Chen Qing hit Xu Qiu’s mouth with a steel rod.
Xu Qiu peed her pants in pain.
Tears streamed down her face, and her mouth was covered in blood!

At this moment, Xu Qiu was like a tiger whose teeth had been pulled out.
She was no longer as arrogant and despotic as before.
She cried and begged for mercy.
“It’s all my fault.
I’m sorry.
Please don’t hit me anymore.
If you continue, I’ll die!”

As Xu Qiu spoke, her two front teeth fell off.
As she spoke, she vomited blood.
She was in an extremely sorry state!

Seeing Xu Qiu like this, Shen Hao was so anxious that his eyes turned red.
He hurriedly looked at Su Xue and said, “Sister Xue, they really can’t hit her anymore.
If they hit her again, my wife will die!”

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