1059 We Have All Grown Up

Bai Hui’s gaze shifted slightly.
In a daze, she saw Yu Chu from many years ago.
Her tone softened.
“Chu Chu, why are you disobedient now? How dare you disobey me?”

Yu Chu looked up.
Her eyes were wet, but they were very clear, like the eyes of a deer in the forest.
She opened her mouth slightly, but no words came out.

She pursed her lips and took a deep breath.
She said seriously, “Teacher, we’ve all grown up.”

Bai Hui was slightly stunned, but she quickly came back to her senses.
She did not expect Yu Chu to say such a thing.

When she was young, Gu Zhou and Yu Chu had both grown up by her side.
She could forcefully instill her thoughts into them.

But now that they were older and had their own ideas, they began to disobey her.

Seeing that Bai Hui was silent, Yu Chu realized that her teacher treated her very well.
She was very grateful to her teacher, but some things might not go as her teacher wished.

Her heart was beating extremely fast.
She turned to look at Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian, her gaze landing on their clenched hands, her eyes filled with laughter.

She retracted her gaze.
She still remembered what her teacher had told her.

“Happiness has to be earned by oneself.”

Although she was not related to the teacher by blood, her teacher treated her like his own daughter.
She had always listened to her teacher obediently.

“Teacher.” Yu Chu looked at Bai Hui, her eyes sparkling.
She said the words she had been suppressing in her heart.
“Actually, I didn’t want to bond with Brother Ah Zhou when I came here today.
I’ve always treated Brother Ah Zhou as my biological brother.
I don’t want our relationship to change, and I don’t want to become the second Jiang Yue.”

“Is Jiang Yue worthy of competing with you?”

Yu Chu knew that her teacher liked her the most.
She blinked her clear eyes and said seriously, “Teacher, I’m just giving an analogy.
If I want to break up Brother Ah Zhou and Second Sister-in-law, won’t I be doing the same thing as Jiang Yue? Brother Ah Zhou is my brother.
As his younger sister, I naturally have to give him my blessings when I find out that he’s married.”

At this point, Yu Chu’s shy face began to bubble up.
She continued, “I want to be Brother Ah Zhou’s sister forever.
I don’t want to become Jiang Yue.”

She and Gu Zhou could be considered childhood sweethearts.
They had grown up together.
She knew what kind of life Brother Ah Zhou had led in the past.
She was really glad that Brother Ah Zhou could love someone like a normal person.

In the past, she had always been worried that Brother Ah Zhou might die alone.

Bai Hui looked at Yu Chu’s face and really expected better from someone.
She frowned and couldn’t help but say, “Chu Chu, I know what you’re thinking.
You’ve always thought for others since you were young, but you’ve never thought of fighting for the happiness you want.
Happiness won’t approach you voluntarily.
You have to fight for it.”

“Teacher, I’m sorry.” Yu Chu bowed respectfully to Bai Hui.
When she stood up straight again, there were tears in her eyes as she said shyly, “I already have someone I like in my heart.
Teacher, he’s still in America.
When we go back, I’ll take the initiative to fight for my happiness.”

Bai Hui frowned.

She didn’t believe at all that Yu Chu would fall for someone else.
She felt that Yu Chu was just making up an excuse.

She had raised Yu Chu.
How could she not know what Yu Chu was thinking? She pursed her lips slightly.

Yu Chu looked at Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian not far away and said happily, “Teacher, Brother Ah Zhou and Second Sister-in-law look very compatible together.
Just accept them!”

Bai Hui looked at Yu Chu’s face and the tears in her eyes.
She looked away.

This child always thought for others.
Even after so many years, she was still as kind as ever.

Bai Hui retracted her gaze and looked at Gu Zhou coldly.

Holding Qiao Nian’s hand, Gu Zhou walked forward.
His expression was firm, and his tone was as cold as ever.
“Mom, in this life, Qiao Nian is my only wife.”

Bai Hui looked at Gu Zhou coldly and said, “No!”

“Over my dead body!” Gu Zhou met Bai Hui’s gaze fearlessly and gripped Qiao Nian’s hand tightly.

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou beside her, feeling very touched.

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