1057 Insult

When Bai Hui called and forced him to marry Yu Chu, he was unwilling.
He asked, “Do you want Yu Chu to help me get rid of bad luck?”

When Bai Hui heard his words, she hung up without hesitation.
The meaning behind her words was obvious.

In Bai Hui’s opinion, his words had insulted Yu Chu.

As Gu Zhou had brought up the matter of bridal flushing, Matriarch Gu had even specially found a master to read Gu Zhou’s fortune!

The master calculated for forty-nine days and finally chose the Qiao family’s daughter, Qiao Xin.

At that time, Gu Zhou’s thoughts were very simple.
As long as he did not have to marry Yu Chu, he would marry anyone.

When Bai Hui found out about this, she sent him a text message, her words filled with dissatisfaction.

Gu Zhou did not care about Bai Hui’s thoughts at all.
He had already thought it through.
No matter who married him, he would prepare a peaceful divorce agreement for Mrs.
A year later, the two of them would split up and live well.

At that time, he had followed the master’s instructions and asked the matchmaker to go to the Qiao family to propose marriage.
However, he had never expected the Qiao family to be so bold as to secretly change the bride!

He knew that Qiao Nian had married in place of Qiao Xin, so he was very unhappy with what the Qiao family had done.

At that time, Grandma knew that Qiao Nian had married in place of Qiao Xin.
She hurriedly looked for the master and asked him if it would affect him if the bride was changed.

The master had only said, “Sometimes, one’s fate has to be fulfilled.
Don’t force it.”

It was only because of the master’s words that he was unwilling to argue with the Qiao family about the substitute marriage.

The longer he interacted with Qiao Nian, the more his gaze couldn’t leave her.
He only hoped that he could be with her forever.

If it weren’t for Qiao Nian, his life would have been completely dark.
It wouldn’t have been as exciting every day as it was now.

Seeing Gu Zhou lowering his head in deep thought, Yu Chu didn’t know if Gu Zhou was angry.
He looked at Qiao Nian uneasily and said guiltily, “Second Sister-in-law, I’m sorry.”

Qiao Nian stopped drinking her tea.
Just as she was about to speak, she heard Yu Chu continue.

“I know that Brother Ah Zhou is married, and I know what Teacher thinks.
I still decided to meet Brother Ah Zhou.
This is really rude.
I’m sorry, Second Sister-in-law.”

Qiao Nian looked at Yu Chu.
This was the first time she had seen a girl who expressed her sincerity so bluntly.

If she and Gu Zhou just had a marriage arrangement, she would not have had any thoughts about Yu Chu’s actions.

But now, she and Gu Zhou were husband and wife.
There was something wrong with a girl who was willing to meet for a meal even though she knew that the man’s mother had other thoughts.

Hence, she still didn’t like Yu Chu’s actions.

When Gu Zhou heard Yu Chu’s words, he frowned and asked, “She should have told you about my marriage back then.
She’s far closer to you than to me.
Why are you willing to come to this banquet today?”

Qiao Nian’s heart skipped a beat.
She turned to look at Gu Zhou, her lips curving up slightly.

She minded Yu Chu’s actions, but if she pointed out Yu Chu’s fault now, it would be bad for her reputation.
It would also make her feel that she had become jealous.

However, Gu Zhou had said everything in her heart.
This was enough to prove her status in Gu Zhou’s heart.

Qiao Nian’s eyes gradually filled with smiles.
Her lips curved up as she stared unblinkingly at Gu Zhou.

She liked Gu Zhou’s blatant favoritism.
It always made her happy.

Yu Chu was slightly stunned.
The light in her eyes gradually dimmed.
She lowered her head and clenched her fists tightly.

“Brother Ah Zhou, you should know that Teacher is my benefactor.
I listen to everything Teacher says and never disobey her.”

Yu Chu pursed her lips and looked up again, her eyes filled with stubbornness.
She took a few deep breaths and said boldly, “I know that Brother Ah Zhou and Second Sister-in-law are married, and I know Teacher’s intentions.
I think I want to make things clear in front of everyone this time.”

Towards the end, Yu Chu’s face turned redder and redder, but her eyes were as firm as ever.
“Brother Ah Zhou, I really only treat you as my brother.

Yu Chu was panting heavily, her eyes sparkling.
Meeting Qiao Nian and Gu Zhou’s gazes, she lowered her gaze shyly and said softly, “I-I have someone I like.
He’s my senior.
He’s in America now.”

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