1044 Gang Rape

“Young lady, just accept your fate.
Who asked you to offend someone you shouldn’t have!”

“That’s right.
Brother He instructed us to take good care of you!”

“I was originally worried that Brother He would send an ugly monster over.
Now that I see a little beauty, I feel much better!”

“This might be the only chance in my life to meet a beauty!”

Qiao Xin looked at the people in fear.
She struggled to escape, but they were holding her tightly.

“Let go of me, let go of me!” Qiao Xin screamed in despair.
However, more and more people surrounded her, bringing her into the temple.

He Cheng had previously instructed them to remember to turn on a live-stream when they played with the woman so that the entire world would pay attention to their happy time.

Qiao Xin was brought directly into the temple by the beggars.
One of them swiftly turned on the live-stream.
There were originally not many people in the live-stream, but after a while, the number of viewers increased by tens of thousands.

“Let go of me, let go of me!” Qiao Xin pushed the people away with all her might, but she was too weak.
In less than ten seconds, her clothes were stripped off.

Qiao Xin’s eyes gradually filled with despair.

That night, the live-stream of Qiao Xin, the daughter of the Qiao family, caused a sensation all over the world.

Qiao Yu had been discussing a collaboration with a client.
When the secretary told him about Qiao Xin’s gang rape live-stream, he was stunned.
He asked the secretary to discuss a collaboration with the client and immediately activated the Qiao family’s public relations department.
He didn’t forget to ban all Qiao Xin’s videos.

However, Qiao Yu was too slow.
The live-stream video had long been widely circulated.

Although the name of the live-stream was that the school belle had been raped, when everyone clicked on it, they saw a beautiful girl kneeling and at the mercy of a few wretched men, looking extremely lewd.

Qiao Yu was so angry that his temples were throbbing.

He hadn’t seen Qiao Xin yesterday.
When he asked his parents, he heard from them that his sister had gone on a trip.

At that time, he didn’t think too much about it.
He thought that Qiao Xin had gone overseas.
After all, such a big thing had happened.
It was good for Qiao Xin to go out and hide.

But he had never expected Qiao Xin to end up like this in just one day.

The netizens were amazing.
After they found out that the school belle in the video was Qiao Xin, they immediately spread the news.
Not long after, the Qiao family’s share price plummeted until it hit rock bottom.

Even if Qiao Yu released good news, it couldn’t stop the stock price from falling.

There was also bad news from the secretary.
The client who was about to sign the contract refused to work with the Qiao Corporation and went to the Lu Corporation instead.

In the hospital.

Qiao Shan looked at Qiao Xin in the video.
His heart ached, and tears welled up in his eyes.

Su Xue’s face was covered in snot and tears.
She did not dare to watch the video at all.
She cried and said, “How could Lu Zhu do this? How could he go so far!”

“Lu Zhu!” Qiao Shan gripped his cell phone tightly.
He had thought that Lu Zhu was a gentleman and had taken Qiao Xin away just to make Qiao Xin apologize to Qiao Nian.
However, he had never expected Lu Zhu to do such a heartless thing.

“Hubby, Qiao Xin…” Su Xue looked at Qiao Shan tearfully.
She regretted not sending Qiao Xin overseas back then.
Why had she handed Qiao Xin over to Lu Zhu?

“Let me think, let me think.” Qiao Shan frowned.
Then, he seemed to have thought of something and said, “Such a big thing has happened.
We should let the public relations department deal with the video first!”

“I did that a long time ago.” Qiao Yu pushed open the door of the ward and walked in.
He looked at Qiao Shan and Su Xue coldly and questioned, “What exactly did you do?”

When Su Xue heard Qiao Yu’s voice, her heart skipped a beat.
She subconsciously looked at Qiao Shan.

“What can we do?” Qiao Shan’s expression was calm.
Although his heart ached for Qiao Xin’s situation, he still heaved a sigh of relief.
After all, Qiao Yu wasn’t the one who had lost his reputation.
“Do you think we can compete with the Lu family?”

“The Lu family?” Qiao Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes filled with confusion.
“What has this got to do with the Lu family?”

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