1036 Begging for Mercy

“Yes, one really needs to be kind when interacting with others.” Qiao Nian smiled coldly.

Qiao Xin didn’t notice Qiao Nian’s expression either.
She hurriedly nodded and replied, “Yes, yes, Sister.
You’re the kindest person.
Let’s leave quickly.
Mom and Dad must be especially worried about me… us!”

“Why should I leave?” Qiao Nian said lightly, pulling her hand out of Qiao Xin’s grip.
“It’s true that I’m kind to people, but how can I be kind to animals?”

Qiao Xin’s face instantly turned pale.
She looked at Qiao Nian in disbelief and asked with a trembling voice, “I’m not an animal.
I’m your sister.

“However, don’t worry.
My brother just invited you and He Cheng over for a visit.”

Seeing the smile on Qiao Nian’s face, Qiao Xin trembled in fear.
She didn’t think that Lu Zhu had invited her over as a guest.

If he was really inviting her as a guest, shouldn’t he specially send an invitation?

Why would he bring a group of people to kidnap her here?

Moreover, at that time, Lu Zhu knew that she had asked He Cheng to ruin Qiao Nian.
At that time, Lu Zhu had injured one of her legs without hesitation.
She really couldn’t imagine what Lu Zhu would do to her next.

The only thing she was sure of was that Lu Zhu would never let her off.

Could it be that Qiao Nian didn’t know Lu Zhu’s plans?

Coincidentally, she could coax Qiao Nian into letting her go.
In the future, she would hide and never let Lu Zhu catch her again.

“Sister, so Mr.
Lu invited me over as a guest.
But I miss Dad now.
Sister, let’s go to the hospital to visit Dad!” Qiao Xin looked at Qiao Nian pitifully and aggrievedly.

Seeing that Qiao Nian was unmoved, Qiao Xin continued, “Sister, my leg hurts.
I know you dote on me the most.
Can you take me to the hospital?”

Six years ago, Qiao Xin had only been able to drug Qiao Nian because Qiao Nian trusted her.

Qiao Xin wasn’t sure if Qiao Nian would still fall for this trick.

Qiao Nian remained silent.
Qiao Xin was getting a little anxious.

“Sister, do you still remember when the two of us went to the temple on the mountain to offer incense? At that time, Sister sprained her ankle, and I was the one who helped her up the mountain.
At that time, I thought that we sisters had to be together forever.” At this point, Qiao Xin’s eyes turned red.

Qiao Nian smiled coldly.

Incense in the temple?

At that time, she also felt that Qiao Xin was a good person.
She had sprained her ankle, but Qiao Xin didn’t mind that she was a burden.
She continued to help her climb the mountain.

Later on, she found out that Qiao Xin had only done this because the boy Qiao Xin liked was also there.
Qiao Xin had only asked her to be a supporting role.

As for her sprained ankle, it was also because Qiao Xin had tripped her on purpose.

At that time, she had been too innocent.
She had really thought that Qiao Xin was doing this for her.

Qiao Nian smiled and pushed Qiao Xin’s hand away.
Her smile didn’t reach her eyes as she said, “Yes, I remember everything you did to me back then, especially what happened six years ago.
Don’t worry, you’ll experience what happened six years ago.”

Qiao Xin was so frightened that her legs went weak.
She cried and shook her head.
“Sister, don’t!”

“Don’t be afraid.
It’ll be fine.
Look, aren’t I perfectly fine in front of you now?” Qiao Nian comforted her kindly.

At the thought that such a thing would happen to her, Qiao Xin felt a chill run down her spine.
She shivered.
“Sister, I’m afraid.
Don’t be like this, okay? I know my mistake!”

“Don’t be afraid.
You have to pay for what you’ve done.
Just enjoy it slowly.” Qiao Nian shook off Qiao Xin’s hand and took out a tissue.
She wiped the spot where she had touched Qiao Xin vigorously, then threw the tissue in front of Qiao Xin.

Qiao Xin was really frightened.
She stood rooted to the ground in a daze.
Only when Qiao Nian threw the tissue in front of her did she react a little.
Her eyes were filled with panic.


She absolutely didn’t want to be bullied like Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian was crazy.
She had never expected Qiao Nian to be reborn after her reputation was ruined.

She didn’t think she could do it.

She looked at Qiao Nian as if she were a stranger.
She limped towards the door.
Subconsciously, she felt that as long as she left this room, she would be safe.

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