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In her impression, Grandma had always been unsmiling.
No matter what, she had always kept her emotions in her heart.

But the Grandma now was completely different from before.
Grandma now knew how to laugh and cry, and did not hide her feelings at all.

Song Yu’s heart felt a little empty.
She thought that Grandma must like the eldest daughter of the Lu family very much!

Song Yu recalled Song Xue’s words and frowned slightly.

Song Xue boasted shamelessly that she could sow discord.
She even said that with her ability, she would definitely be able to do it.

She felt that Song Xue was simply dreaming.
Grandma trusted Qiao Nian unconditionally now.
Not only Grandma, but even the Lu siblings believed that Qiao Nian was the eldest daughter of the Lu family.

She was an adopted daughter to begin with.
If she stood up and said something that they didn’t like to hear, her life would probably not be easy in the future.

She should just watch the show quietly!

Qiao Nian gently comforted Matriarch Lu’s back.
After sensing that Matriarch Lu’s emotions had stabilized, she separated from Matriarch Lu.
She looked at the tears in Matriarch Lu’s eyes and gently wiped them away.

“Grandma.” Qiao Nian’s eyelashes were still teary.
She stared unblinkingly at Matriarch Lu and said gently, “Don’t cry.
I’m already back.
The happy days have already begun.”

Matriarch Lu stared unblinkingly at Qiao Nian, as if she was especially afraid that all of this was a dream.
When she woke up, Qiao Nian would be gone.

She had lived for so long and seen the coldness and warmth of the world.
She had thought that she would not be moved by anything, but now she knew that she was wrong.

When she found her eldest granddaughter, her heart, which had been sealed for a long time, instantly opened.

Gu Zhou stood beside Qiao Nian.
He looked at Qiao Nian’s teary eyes, which were a little swollen.
He couldn’t help but feel sorry for Qiao Nian, but he was also happy for her, because Qiao Nian had finally found her family.

At this moment, Auntie Cao walked out of the room.
Seeing that everyone was outside, she greeted others before saying respectfully to Matriarch Lu, “Matriarch, it’s time for you to take your medicine.”

At this point, Auntie Cao handed the tray in her hand to Matriarch Lu.
There was medicine and a cup of water on the tray.

Matriarch Lu nodded and wiped her tears with a tissue before taking the medicine.

She had been too agitated just now, but now she had calmed down.
She glanced at her grandchildren and frowned.
Her voice turned cold.
“Looks like you already knew that Sugar was still around.”

Matriarch Lu’s tone was a little serious, as if she was about to lose her temper.

Lu Qi instantly became nervous and silently took two steps back.
According to her understanding of Grandma over the past ten years, she must be angry.

Oh my!

Her brothers’ legs were about to break again.

However, her brothers’ broken legs had nothing to do with her.
She just had to protect her legs!

With this thought in mind, Lu Qi gave an innocent smile.
She hurriedly said ingratiatingly, “Grandma, I just found out that Sister is still alive.
Big Brother was the first to know that Sister is still alive.
He didn’t tell me on purpose!”

In Lu Qi’s opinion, she was a girl who was meant to be doted on.
Her brothers were all boys and were meant to be punished.

With that, a relaxed smile appeared on Lu Qi’s face.
It seemed that Grandma would not settle scores with her.
After all, her brothers were the culprits.
She was at most an accomplice, and an accomplice who had just found out the truth.

Qiao Nian looked at Lu Qi in surprise and couldn’t help but laugh.

Although Lu Qi’s words were unkind, she felt that Lu Qi was very adorable.

When Matriarch Lu heard Lu Qi’s words, her expression darkened.
She looked at Lu Zhu coldly.

She really did not expect Lu Zhu, who usually knew his limits and made her feel most at ease, to hide such an important thing from her.

Lu Zhu must have known how important Sugar was to her, but he chose to hide it.
It was simply unforgivable.

“You…” Matriarch Lu glared fiercely at Lu Zhu.
She wanted to punish Lu Zhu directly, but she was afraid that the punishment would be too light.
Her mind was filled with thoughts of how to punish Lu Zhu.


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