1011 We are almost there!

When Qiao Nian, who had been nervous, heard Lu Zhu’s words, she couldn’t help but laugh.
Her emotions relaxed a lot.

At this moment, she really understood the warmth of family, because family would always take care of you and give you warmth.

Lu Zhu seemed to be worried that Qiao Nian would be nervous.
He smiled and said that Lu Qi was so excited that she couldn’t sleep that night.
He even said that Lu Jiang wanted to knock Lu Qi out and throw her into the bedroom.

Qiao Nian’s smile grew wider and wider.
Time passed very quickly when she chatted with Lu Zhu.
When Qiao Nian saw the Lu family’s door, her eyes sparkled, and her voice was even gentler than usual.
“Brother, we’re almost there.”

“Yes, I saw it.” Lu Zhu’s voice was filled with laughter.
His laughter was like a clear breeze and moon, giving off a beautiful feeling.

“Alright, I’ll hang up first.” As Qiao Nian spoke, she hung up and put her phone into her bag, her eyes filled with laughter.

From the corner of his eye, Gu Zhou glanced at Qiao Nian.
Seeing that Qiao Nian was no longer nervous, his lips curved up slightly.

Gu Zhou parked the car beside the Lu family’s door.
He got out of the car first, then walked to the passenger door.
Like a gentleman, he opened the door and gestured for Qiao Nian to get out.

Qiao Nian looked up at Gu Zhou.
His back was facing the sunlight, and his hair was emitting a gentle glow.
She couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

Seeing that Qiao Nian didn’t get out of the car, Gu Zhou’s thin lips curved up slightly.
Gu, please get out of the car.”

As Gu Zhou spoke, he handed a hand to Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian came back to her senses and placed her hand in Gu Zhou’s.
The moment she got out of the car, she heard deafening firecrackers.

Instinctively, Gu Zhou interlocked his fingers with Qiao Nian’s and held her hand tightly, unwilling to let go.

She looked at the two-meter-wide firecrackers on both sides of the door.

The firecrackers exploded in the air, turning the ground red.

After the firecrackers were done, she followed Gu Zhou towards the Lu family’s door, covered in red firecrackers.

The small fireworks on both sides instantly bloomed.
There were also huge fireworks in the sky.

Qiao Nian had thought that she wouldn’t be able to see the fireworks clearly during the day, but today’s fireworks were all colorful, blooming beautifully in the air.

When the two of them walked into the Lu family, Qiao Nian finally noticed that there was a red carpet on the ground.

The fireworks at the door bloomed above their heads, and colorful ribbons fluttered down.

The ribbon that Qiao Nian had dropped from the sky had words written on it.

“Welcome home, eldest daughter of the Lu family!”

“Welcome home, Sister!”

“Welcome home, Sister!”

Qiao Nian had the illusion that she wasn’t going home at all.
Instead, she was attending her wedding with Gu Zhou.
All that was left was their family and friends.

At the thought of this, Qiao Nian couldn’t help but smile.
She turned to look at Gu Zhou, who was beside her, and met his doting gaze.

At this moment, Lu Zhu walked out.
Looking at the fireworks and colorful strips all over the ground, he held his forehead helplessly.

Last night, the siblings had discussed how to welcome their sister home.

At that time, Third Brother and Lu Qi were arguing about setting off fireworks.
He had already denied it at that time, but for some reason, the two of them still set off firecrackers and fireworks.

This was really lively.
One had to know that the Lu family had not set off fireworks for nearly twenty years.

In the Buddhist hall.

Matriarch Lu was meditating in the Buddhist hall when she suddenly heard the sound of fireworks.
Her expression changed.

Ever since Sugar left, she had strictly forbidden fireworks in the Lu family villa.
She did not expect someone to dare to go against her wishes.

Song Yu stopped when she heard the sound of fireworks.
She looked up at Matriarch Lu and saw her standing up.
She hurriedly walked over to support her.

After Song Yu and Song Xue had a friendly conversation, she came back to sleep last night.
She wanted to see what Qiao Nian would say when she returned to the Lu family.

Matriarch Lu’s face was livid.
She was praying for her granddaughter.
Now that her prayer had been interrupted, she wondered if it would affect her granddaughter’s reincarnation.

Her poor granddaughter had left at such a young age, but in the end, she had even been dismembered.
She had to accumulate more blessings to let her granddaughter be a healthy child in her next life.

“Grandma, don’t be angry,” Song Yu advised softly.
The person who set off the firecrackers probably didn’t do it on purpose.


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