1004 What Do You Want to Do?

When Lu Qi heard this, her heart sank.
Previously, she had only thought of being happy when she reunited with her sister, but she had never thought about her sister.

As their sister had been kidnapped since she was young, their family had read a lot of news about children being kidnapped.

A five-year-old child had been kidnapped.
Their parents had sold their family’s house at all costs.
They had resigned from a stable career and were searching hard for their child all over the country.

The heavens did not disappoint those who worked hard.
Twenty-five years later, they finally found their child.

However, when the child saw them, his first reaction was to frown and look troubled.

That child’s adoptive parents had done their best to give him a better life.
They had bought him a house, helped him marry a wife, and even helped him take care of his child.

It was the appearance of his biological parents that had broken his happy life.

His adoptive parents were a little embarrassed.
Before they appeared in front of him, he had even heard their adoptive parents worry that he would be taken away by his biological parents.

In his memory, they were all his adoptive parents.
He couldn’t accept that his biological parents were his parents.

His biological parents were very understanding.
After they left, life returned to its former peace.

In the past, Lu Qi still did not understand that the child’s adoptive parents had bought him from human traffickers.
This was the adoptive parents’ fault to begin with.
The adoptive parents should have quit and let the child be with his biological parents.

But she had never expected the child to choose to be with his adoptive parents.

At that time, she had even asked Big Brother why that child had made such a choice.

At that time, her brother had told her that sometimes raising a child was more important than giving birth.

Her sister was already married.
They could slowly communicate with her.
That way, her sister would slowly accept them.

Lu Qi looked at Lu Jiang beside her and said softly, “Fourth Brother, actually, I’m already very satisfied.
Sister is still alive.
We can slowly make her accept us.
It’s much better than being sad on Sister’s birthday every year!”

Lu Jiang nodded and said, “Nian’er still seems to care a lot about us.
She’s also willing to return to the Lu family.
This is a good thing for us.
I think she said that it’s good to return home in a few days.
We’ll have enough time to prepare a welcome ceremony for her.”

Lu Qi smiled brightly.

… .

Song Yu stood in the paternity test center.
She had a friend who worked there, so she asked that friend to do the DNA test for her personally.

She waited anxiously for the results of the appraisal.

Actually, she already believed Song Xue’s words.
She didn’t know why she felt this way.

Before long, the appraisal report was out.

Song Yu took the report from her friend.
After thanking him, she walked out.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Song Yu sat in the car and looked at the appraisal report in her hand.
Her eyes narrowed dangerously.

Her heart was beating faster and faster.
After some hesitation, Song Yu opened the appraisal report.

The appraisal results were out.

She was related to Song Xue by blood, but the exact relationship was not written.

Song Yu’s expression instantly turned cold.
She recalled Song Xue’s words, and her eyes were filled with coldness.

In other words, her biological parents had long known that she was in the Song family.

She seemed to be a pawn of her parents.
They had no choice but to use her, so they asked Song Xue to contact her.

What should she do?

If the Lu family knew that she had found her biological parents, they might make her leave.
Would she not be able to obtain the Lu family’s help then?

If she left, it would be a good choice to be with someone else.

Song Yu was in a dilemma.

Song Yu drove back to her small apartment and burned the report.

The next day, Song Yu received another call from Song Xue.

“I think you’ve already done a DNA test.
The report should have made it clear that we’re related, right?”

When Song Yu heard Song Xue’s voice, she felt a little impatient.

She heaved a sigh of relief and tried hard to remain calm.
She asked, “Let’s get straight to the point.
There’s no need for pleasantries.
What do you want to do?”


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