997 Fierce To My Daddy

Lu Jiang thought that he had frightened Xiao Shi.
He said gently, “Xiao Shi, be good.
Uncle will buy you a dress.
When the time comes, you’ll look even more like a little princess.”

Xiao Shi shook her head.

“You’re fierce to my daddy!” Xiao Shi looked at Lu Jiang pitifully.
She didn’t want anyone to be fierce to her daddy.

Gu Zhou, who was sitting on the sofa, felt a warmth in his heart when he heard Xiao Shi’s words.

He had heard from others in the past that daughters were their father’s darlings.
They were the most considerate.
He could completely feel it now.

Qiao Nian looked at Xiao Shi in surprise.
When Xiao Shi was by Song Man’s side, she would keep everything to herself.

However, now that Xiao Shi had the courage to speak up for Gu Zhou, it seemed that she was gradually opening her heart.

Qiao Nian felt that she had to encourage Xiao Shi more in the future.
That way, Xiao Shi would become like other normal children.
She was very happy.

When Lu Jiang heard Xiao Shi’s words, he was slightly stunned.
“Xiao Shi, don’t think too much.
How can Uncle be fierce to your daddy?”

Xiao Shi pouted and looked at Lu Jiang seriously.
“But when I was at the stairs just now, I saw you scolding my daddy!”

When Xiao Shi said this, she couldn’t help but hug Lu Qi tightly, as if she was afraid of being hurt by Lu Jiang.

Lu Qi sensed Xiao Shi’s fear and gently patted her back, as if to comfort her.

Lu Jiang now understood.
Xiao Shi had seen his attitude towards Gu Zhou just now, so she was a little afraid.

He thought for a while and said seriously, “Xiao Shi, I understand that you want to protect your father because you care about him, but I also want to protect my sister! We’re doing the same thing.
We’re both protecting the person we care about the most.”

Xiao Shi blinked in confusion and asked in confusion, “But Daddy treats Mommy very well.
Daddy has always missed Mommy.
How can he not treat Mommy well?”

After Xiao Shi finished speaking, Lu Jiang and Gu Zhou were both stunned.
They had not expected Xiao Shi to say this.

“Aunt, put me down!” Xiao Shi looked at Lu Qi obediently.

Lu Qi smiled and put Xiao Shi down.

Xiao Shi sat down beside Qiao Nian and hugged her arm with her small hand.
She said proudly, “That night, Mommy had something to do and went out.
Daddy was very worried about her and even asked the bodyguards to protect Mommy!”

Qiao Nian was slightly stunned.
She looked at Xiao Shi in surprise, then at Gu Zhou.
She really hadn’t expected Gu Zhou to be so considerate and send someone to protect her.

Xiao Shi met Qiao Nian’s puzzled gaze and nodded seriously.
“Mommy, Daddy really cares about you.
Daddy even asked us to be obedient.
That way, you would come back earlier!”

Qiao Nian’s heart skipped a beat.
She recalled what had happened that day.
When she found out that Gu Qi and Xiao Shi were her and Gu Zhou’s children, she felt terrible.

She cared a lot about Gu Zhou, but she had never expected Gu Zhou to be the one who hurt her the most.

Although Gu Zhou didn’t do it on purpose that night, he had indeed hurt her.

She couldn’t quite control her emotions, so she didn’t want to go home at all.
It was as if as long as she didn’t go home, she wouldn’t have to face this fact.

With this thought in mind, Qiao Nian looked up at Gu Zhou.
Coincidentally, Gu Zhou also looked over.

When their eyes met, Qiao Nian could see that his eyes were filled with love for her.

His eyes were deep, and her face was reflected in his clear pupils.

It was as if the entire world didn’t matter.
Only the two of them were left.

Last night, the two of them had even had intimate contact.
She seemed to be able to hear his heavy breathing.

Qiao Nian looked away uncomfortably.
She really hadn’t expected Gu Zhou to be so considerate.

Gu Zhou retracted his gaze and his gaze fell on Xiao Shi’s face.

Xiao Shi was just a child.
She could actually sense that he was worried about Qiao Nian.

Actually, Xiao Shi didn’t know that not only was he worried about Qiao Nian that night, but he was also afraid that Qiao Nian would leave him forever.

Xiao Shi recalled how cold Lu Jiang had been to her father just now.
A trace of panic flashed in her eyes.
She looked at Qiao Nian uneasily and asked, “Mommy, do you not like Daddy anymore?”

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