973 Don’t Do Anything Rash

Qiao Xin’s expression darkened.
Suppressing her anger, she gripped the bed sheets tightly and gritted her teeth.
“I’ll definitely teach them a lesson!”

One of the people speaking outside the door was Qiao Xin’s private nurse.
Previously, when that nurse was taking care of Qiao Xin, she had a sweet mouth.
Now, she was badmouthing her behind her back.

Su Xue stole a glance at Qiao Xin.
Qiao Xin looked like she wanted to kill someone.
Su Xue was a little frightened.

She looked at her daughter, feeling like she was looking at a stranger.

Su Xue composed herself and comforted her softly.
“Xin Xin, don’t be angry.
Don’t stoop to their level.”

Qiao Xin heaved a sigh of relief and tried hard to compose herself.
She looked at Su Xue, who was sitting beside her.
“Mom, I want revenge!”

Su Xue’s heart, which had yet to settle down, began to race again.
She looked at Qiao Xin in disbelief and said fearfully, “Xin Xin, don’t do anything rash!”

“Mom, everyone in the country knows that I broke Dad’s leg.
Gu Zhou wants to kill me.
I can’t let him have his way!” As Qiao Xin spoke, she grabbed Su Xue’s hand.
“Mom, you’ll help me, right?”

Su Xue shook her head and hurriedly said, “No, no.
We can’t afford to offend the Gu family!”

At this point, Su Xue recalled Lu Zhu’s words.
She looked at the crazy Qiao Xin and didn’t know what to say.
She felt a chill run down her spine.

Even if Qiao Xin gave Gu Zhou some face, what did that mean?

The Gu family would definitely make the Qiao family suffer!

At the thought of this, Su Xue felt a headache coming on.
She pursed her lips and said seriously, “Don’t provoke the Gu family.
We can’t compare to them!”

“Mom, am I still your daughter? How can you help an outsider?” Seeing Su Xue’s submissive expression, Qiao Xin said impatiently, “Alright, you don’t have to say anything else.
You don’t have to interfere in my affairs!”

“I’m serious.
We can’t afford to offend the Gu family.
Your leg hasn’t recovered yet, so let’s not cause trouble.
Can’t you recuperate well?” Su Xue said kindly.

“I understand.” Qiao Xin said this on the surface, but she was scheming in her heart.

“By the way, you told He Cheng to bully Qiao Nian.
Since he didn’t do a good job, call him over.
I’ll teach him a lesson!” Su Xue thought that as long as Qiao Xin tricked He Cheng into coming over, she could get Lu Zhu to come over.

“He still has things to do now!” Qiao Xin didn’t seem to want to talk about He Cheng anymore.
She took Su Xue’s arm coquettishly.
“Mom, how’s Dad now? Is he still angry?”

“Yes, he doesn’t look well.” Su Xue sighed and said, “He’s not angry with you.
His heart just aches for his leg.”

“Oh.” Qiao Xin leaned against Su Xue, thinking about He Cheng.
Her lips curved up slightly.

This time, Qiao Xin wasn’t the only one who was angry.
He Cheng was also angry.

He Cheng had never expected that person called “Fourth Master” to actually dare to embarrass him.
How could he let that person off?

He Cheng wanted to teach Qiao Nian a lesson and get Qiao Xin to give him more money.

He had only wanted 300,000 yuan, but he hadn’t expected Qiao Xin to be willing to give him three million yuan.

Three million yuan was enough to buy a small house in the outer ring.

He Cheng agreed readily.

How great would it be to play with two beauties and have money!

He Cheng thought of Qiao Nian and Miss Lu, and his heart itched.
To be able to get his hands on these two beauties was worth it!

When he sent the nude photos of Miss Lu to Fourth Master, he would be able to let Fourth Master understand that he was the last person in An City to offend.

He Cheng had long found Miss Lu’s school address and was waiting at the entrance.

The afterglow of the setting sun fell on the ground, lengthening the shadows.

After Lu Qi parted ways with her classmates, she was about to go home when a man walked over.
That man was none other than He Cheng.

He Cheng looked at Miss Lu’s innocent and lively appearance, and his eyes gradually darkened.

Miss Lu looked innocent, like a piece of white paper.
It was obvious that she had never been tainted by society.
He liked to dirty such a young lady!

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