944 Do I Have Reason to Lie?

Qiao Yu’s gaze was so sharp, like a knife stabbing into her heart and discovering her intentions.

Su Xue swallowed and looked up at the elevator numbers.
She said casually, “What nonsense are you spouting? Do I have to lie about such things?”

“There’s indeed a possibility of lying!” Qiao Yu said coldly.

Su Xue turned to look at Qiao Yu.
She had never expected Qiao Yu to say that.

She felt more or less uncomfortable being pointed out by her biological son that she might lie.

The elevator had already reached the first floor.
Qiao Yu followed Su Xue out of the hospital side by side and continued, “The Lu and Gu families are the richest families in An City, and they’re also the top families in the country.
In the past, Mrs.
Lu used to casually buy things that cost at least a million yuan.
How can Qiao Nian only have a million yuan in her bag?”

Su Xue listened to Qiao Yu in fear.
She felt that her son seemed to know everything as if he could read minds.

However, more than twenty years had passed.
As long as she refused to admit it, no one would find out.

“At that time, the eldest daughter of the Lu family was kidnapped.
How could the kidnapper hide her? Even if the kidnapper wanted to get rid of her and help her find foster care, a million yuan is already not a small sum!” Su Xue said matter-of-factly.

Qiao Yu kept staring at Su Xue’s face.
Although Su Xue’s words were not contradictory, Su Xue’s gaze was evasive.
It was obvious that she was not telling the truth.

“Mom, do you think you’re very smart, or do you think Dad is too stupid?” Qiao Yu asked.

Su Xue was slightly stunned.
She looked at Qiao Yu in confusion and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Before Dad knew that Qiao Nian was the eldest daughter of the Lu family, he thought that a million yuan was a huge sum of money.
It was normal for him to raise Qiao Nian unquestioningly.
However, Qiao Nian is the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
The Lu family is extremely rich.
Is there really someone who would only gave Qiao Nian’s foster parents a million yuan in child support? No one will believe this, right? It’s normal for Dad to be suspicious,” Qiao Yu said indifferently, his voice cold.

Su Xue had finally made his point.

Those people had placed Qiao Nian at Widow Wang’s door because they wanted her to treat Qiao Nian well.

If Widow Wang had ten million yuan, she would definitely give all the money to Qiao Nian so that she could have the best living conditions and education.

Moreover, that person had said that he would pick Qiao Nian up a year later.

Therefore, back then, that person had only taken out six million yuan for Qiao Nian’s annual living expenses!

Su Xue pursed her lips tightly and said in a panic, “You’re saying that he’ll investigate the situation back then?”

Qiao Yu stopped in his tracks and stared unblinkingly at Su Xue.
His eyes narrowed slightly.
“If you think Dad can’t find out what happened back then, then continue to hide it.
But if he finds out, you’ll have to pay a lot!”

Su Xue felt as if she had been struck by lightning.
Her legs gave way and she took a few steps back.

She felt that the entire world had changed.

How had this happened?

Her eyes were red as she took a few steps back, frowning.

If Qiao Shan really found out what she had done back then, she would never be able to step into the Qiao family again.

Su Xue was so anxious that her eyes were red.
In the end, she looked at Qiao Yu helplessly and begged, “Qiao Yu, son, you’re Mom’s only hope.
Now that the Qiao Corporation is in your hands, I believe you can do better than your father.
Help me think about what I should do.”

When Qiao Yu heard Su Xue’s words, he understood.
It seemed that what had happened back then was indeed not simple.
“What did you do back then?”

“I…” Su Xue looked around uneasily.
Seeing that there was no one around, she said softly, “Back then, I was also tricked by a bad person.
That person tricked me into investing in something bad.
At that time, I didn’t have much money, and the family still had to support you and your sister.
I was crazy about money, so I wanted to invest.”

When Su Xue spoke of what had happened back then, she couldn’t help but sigh again.
“At that time, I embezzled more than a million yuan from the company.
I wanted to earn more, but I didn’t expect that person to run away with the money.
Coincidentally, Qiao Nian appeared.
She still had a check for six million yuan in her bag.

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