924 Song Man Is Dead?

How was this possible?

Why was Song Man’s phone in Qiao Nian’s hands?

Qiao Xin stammered, “W-why do you have Song Man’s phone? Where is Song Man?”

Qiao Nian looked at Qiao Xin expressionlessly and said, “You’re looking for Song Man? She’s already dead!”

Qiao Xin hung up and frowned.
She questioned, “You’re spouting nonsense.
How can she be dead? What exactly did you do to Song Man? Did you kidnap her? Could it be because Song Man has Gu Zhou’s child?”

At this moment, Qiao Xin realized how terrifying Qiao Nian was.
In order to secure her position as Young Madam Gu, Qiao Nian had actually killed someone!

“Song Man is already dead!” As Qiao Nian spoke, she took out her phone, flipped to a photo, and handed it to Qiao Xin.

That photo was of Song Man lying in a pool of blood!

Qiao Xin was so frightened that her face turned pale.
She hurriedly covered her mouth, suppressing the urge to vomit.
She took two steps back in fear.

“How… how dare you kill her?” Qiao Xin’s voice trembled.
She tried hard to remain calm.
After a long while, she said, “Do you know that it’s a crime to be a murderer? Aren’t you afraid of being shot? Do you know who Song Man is?”

How could Qiao Nian kill Song Man?

Song Man was her greatest backer.

Without Song Man, even if she spoke to the Lu family, the effect would be greatly reduced.

Qiao Xin frowned.
The plans she had thought of previously had yet to be implemented, but Qiao Nian had already disrupted them.

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows slightly, then looked at Qiao Xin with interest and asked, “Why? Does Song Man have another identity?”

“She’s the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
If you kill her, you’ll offend the Lu family!” At this point, Qiao Xin’s eyes were filled with excitement.
Qiao Nian had killed Song Man.
The Lu family would never let Qiao Nian off.

At the thought that Qiao Nian might be torn to pieces by the Lu family, Qiao Xin’s mood improved.

Qiao Nian was slightly stunned.
She hadn’t expected Qiao Xin to think that Song Man was the eldest daughter of the Lu family.

Song Man really planned to enter the Lu family and pretend to be the eldest daughter of the Lu family.

This proved that Qiao Xin had no idea who the mastermind was.
She had only contacted Song Man.

Seeing Qiao Nian standing there with a serious expression, Qiao Xin knew that Qiao Nian was frightened by her words.
She was extremely smug.

Actually, Qiao Xin had been thinking about how to coax Song Man to deal with Qiao Nian.
Now, she didn’t have to worry at all.
Song Man was dead, and she could say whatever she wanted about the rest.

“Qiao Nian, your good days are over.
I was wondering why Song Man didn’t answer my call.
So you’ve already killed her.
Now that you’ve offended the Lu family, I advise you to go to the Lu family as soon as possible to apologize and pay for your mistakes!” Qiao Xin pretended to warn her.

One had to know that the three people who had kidnapped the eldest daughter of the Lu family were all dead.

It wouldn’t be long before Qiao Nian met the people from the Lu family again.

When Qiao Nian heard Qiao Xin’s words, she laughed.
She understood Qiao Xin’s scheme and knew that Qiao Xin and Song Man were probably making use of each other.

Qiao Xin contacted Song Man first.
Qiao Xin probably wanted to get close to Song Man and build a good relationship with the Lu family.
Then, she would use the Lu family’s power to take revenge on her.

Song Man was just an ordinary person.
If she wanted to contact the Lu family, she needed a middleman to introduce her to them.

Song Man must have wanted to use her blood to have a blood test with the Lu family when she met them.
At that time, Song Man would naturally become the eldest daughter of the Lu family.

However, Song Man did not expect her perfect plan to be exposed.

When Song Man’s plan was exposed, in order to protect the person behind the scenes, she chose to commit suicide by jumping off a building.

Seeing the smile on Qiao Nian’s face, Qiao Xin had a bad feeling.

“What are you laughing at? You’re about to die.
Why are you still smiling?” Qiao Xin questioned coldly.

“Of course I’m laughing at you for being stupid!”

“You…” Qiao Xin’s eyes widened in anger, but she didn’t dare to get close to Qiao Nian.
She was worried that Qiao Nian would hit her.
She was even more worried that Qiao Nian would kill her directly.

However, Qiao Xin quickly understood.
Qiao Nian must have lost her mind.
That was why Qiao Nian was smiling now.

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