918 Envy

“Zone C, 250.”

“Okay,” Qiao Xin replied and walked towards Qiao Yu.

She walked over to Qiao Yu excitedly and called out sweetly, “Brother.” She moved her face closer to Qiao Yu.
“Is my skin much better than before?”

Qiao Yu smiled gently and nodded.
“It’s indeed much better than before.”

Qiao Xin said proudly, “A woman’s face is the most important thing.
I have to take good care of my skin in the future!”

“Okay,” Qiao Yu agreed and opened the door of the front passenger seat.
“Get in, let’s go home.”

Qiao Xin was about to get into the car when her phone rang.

She took it out and was slightly stunned when she saw Qiao Nian’s text.

“Did something happen?” Qiao Yu asked worriedly when he saw Qiao Xin’s expression.

“It’s nothing.” Qiao Xin turned off her phone guiltily, pretending to be indifferent.
However, her heart was already in turmoil.

Qiao Yu didn’t think too much about it.
He gestured for Qiao Xin to get into the car.

In the car, Qiao Xin glanced at Qiao Yu, who was driving, with a complicated expression.
She asked seriously, “Brother, how many sisters do you have? Which sister is the most important to you?”

Qiao Yu glanced at Qiao Xin curiously and couldn’t help but laugh.
“What are you saying?”

Qiao Xin’s heart skipped a beat.
She clenched her fists tightly.

“You’re my only sister.
What’s there to ask?” Qiao Yu asked with a smile.

Qiao Xin heaved a sigh of relief.
It seemed that in her brother’s heart, she was also the most important.

After returning home, Qiao Xin saw that Qiao Yu was about to leave.
Only then did she know that Qiao Yu was going to the company.

After sending Qiao Yu off, Qiao Xin was about to go back to rest when she accidentally passed by Qiao Yu’s half-open study.

Her brother’s study had always been locked, and he did not let the servants in.
This time, her brother actually did not lock the door.

In the past, when she passed by the study, she would occasionally see her brother sitting at his desk and holding a photo.

In the past, she had made a fuss about wanting to see that photo, but her brother would hide it every time, unwilling to let her see it.

Now, she finally had a chance to see that photo.
She was very curious about which girl had made his brother yearn for her.

Qiao Xin pushed the door open and walked in.
She glanced at the desk.
Apart from the computer, keyboard, and mouse, there were also some documents on the table.

She searched for a long time but didn’t see any photos.

Qiao Xin rummaged through the drawer of the desk again.
In the bottom drawer, she saw a photograph.

She took out the photo and looked at it in reverse.
When she saw the face in the photo, she froze.

How could it be Qiao Nian?

Why would her brother hide a photo of Qiao Nian?

What kind of feelings did her brother have for Qiao Nian?

Qiao Xin’s eyes gradually darkened, and she exuded a cold aura.

Qiao Nian was already standing at the top of An City.
She was already very outstanding.
She would never allow her brother to fall for Qiao Nian.

So what if Qiao Nian was high and mighty now?

The higher one stood, the more painful it would be when they fell.
She wanted Qiao Nian to suffer a fate worse than death.
She wanted her to fall to the ground and never get up again.

Five years ago, she could do this.
She could still do this now.

As long as Qiao Nian disappeared…

She was the most outstanding young woman in An City.

Thinking of the message Qiao Nian had sent her, her lips curved up slightly.
There was still time.
It was enough for her to set everything up.

Qiao Xin took out her phone and sent Qiao Nian a message.


Qiao Xin placed the photo back on the table, closed the drawer, and walked out.

Five years ago, she was the only one who had done that thing.
Now, she was going to drag someone with her.

With that person around, she was absolutely safe.

Qiao Xin closed the study door, took out her phone, and called Song Man.

However, the call did not go through.

Qiao Xin frowned slightly.
During this period of time, she had been calling Song Man.
Although Song Man’s phone was on, no one picked up.

She wondered what Song Man was busy with all day.

There wasn’t even time to connect the call.
Qiao Xin didn’t take this matter to heart and began to plan for tonight.

Even without Song Man, she could handle this matter.


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