914 Misunderstanding?

“Yes, Grandma Wang only has one granddaughter left.
Back then, after her granddaughter sent her to the sanatorium, she never went to see Grandma Wang again.
Poor old lady.
She just hoped that her granddaughter could take more care of her.” Hu Lin smiled dejectedly and sighed slightly.
“Young people these days really don’t care about old people at all.
No one expected Grandma Wang’s granddaughter to be gone too.”

“Oh my god,” Qiao Nian echoed.
“Who is Grandma Wang’s granddaughter? How can she leave her just like that?”

“I think her name is Song Man.
I’m here today to accompany Grandma Wang to settle Song Man’s funeral.
A white-haired person is sending a young person off.” Hu Lin pursed her lips, looking helpless.

“Then you must have a lot of things to do.
We won’t disturb you anymore.
We’ll leave first.” Qiao Nian smiled and left with the two children.

After taking two steps, she turned around and saw Wang Yue holding Hu Lin’s hand.
She said pitifully, “Xiao Shi is my great-granddaughter.
Lin Lin, can you bring Xiao Shi back?”

“Grandma Wang, you’ve got the wrong person.
I’ll take you to look for Xiao Shi in the future, okay?” Hu Lin said gently.

“Oh, okay!” Wang Yue agreed reluctantly, still muttering “Xiao Shi”.

Qiao Nian retracted her gaze and looked down at Xiao Shi.
She asked softly, “Xiao Shi, have you seen your great-grandmother?”

Xiao Shi looked up at Qiao Nian and shook her head.
“In the past, Auntie Song said that we didn’t have any relatives.”

Qiao Nian didn’t say anything.
After comforting Xiao Shi, she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Xiao Shi wasn’t frightened by Wang Yue’s appearance.

It seemed that she had to investigate the Song family carefully.

She knew in her heart that she had really let go of Song Man.

Holding the hands of the two children, she walked out.

When they returned to the Gu family villa, Qiao Nian asked the two children to play while she went to the medicinal room.
She had to prepare medicine for Matriarch Gu and Gu Zhou.

Gu Qi and Xiao Shi watched as Qiao Nian left, looking like they wanted to say something but hesitated.

Gu Qi pursed his lips and pulled Xiao Shi back to the bedroom.
He closed the door very carefully and walked to Xiao Shi’s side.

Xiao Shi’s eyes flickered as she looked at Gu Qi seriously.
Puzzled, she asked, “Brother, why didn’t Mommy acknowledge us?”

Gu Qi had also been thinking about this question just now.
He shook his head gently.
“Mommy should have her difficulties.”

Xiao Shi felt that her mommy was a very gentle and kind person.
Her mommy loved them very much, but she didn’t understand why her mommy didn’t tell them directly.

“Brother.” Xiao Shi lowered her voice and asked seriously, “Does Daddy know that Mommy is our biological mother?”

Gu Qi frowned and said in a low voice, “I’m not sure.”

Xiao Shi’s little face drooped as she suggested seriously, “Should we tell Daddy about this? What if Daddy doesn’t know and misses Mommy?”

Gu Qi was thinking about it when he heard Xiao Shi’s words.
He suddenly recalled something.

Last night, he had been sleeping when his father sat by his bed and woke him up.

He even told him that his sister had woken up from a nightmare and asked him to call Mommy home.

At that time, his first reaction was to take care of his sister.
He was about to get out of bed but he didn’t hear his sister crying.
He was about to ask his father, but his father still asked him to call Mommy and say that he was woken up because his sister was crying.

Later on, Mommy finally returned home.
He was about to secretly visit his sister when he saw his father guarding the door of his sister’s room with a dark expression.

At that time, he could sense his father’s low mood, but now, he had a feeling that his father might know that his mommy was their biological mother.

If Dad knew about this, why didn’t he tell Mommy directly?

Gu Qi looked at Xiao Shi seriously and shook his head.
“I think Dad should already know about this.”

Xiao Shi looked at Gu Qi in disbelief and exclaimed, “What?”

HHer father actually knew about this.
How was her father so amazing? He knew everything!

Gu Qi frowned and asked, “Sister, do you know how Dad and Mommy got together?”

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