892 Discharged

Xiao Shi pursed her lips and said softly, “Auntie Nian Nian is very gentle and good at taking care of people.
She even…”

At this point, Xiao Shi paused.
Auntie Nian Nian seemed to be omnipotent and knew everything.
She couldn’t find anything wrong with Auntie Nian Nian.

“Auntie Nian Nian is very good!” Xiao Shi nodded.

“Then does Sister like Auntie Nian Nian?”

“Yes,” Xiao Shi said with pursed lips.

“Then is Sister willing to…” Halfway through his sentence, Gu Qi suddenly recalled what Qiao Nian had instructed him previously.
He was worried that if he asked Xiao Shi to acknowledge Qiao Nian as her mommy now, she would be sad.
Hence, he changed the topic and said, “Sister, no matter what, you’re still my sister.
When you want a Mommy in the future, I’ll tell my Mommy.”

At this moment, she was a little stunned.

Was it so easy to find someone to be her mommy?

Although her mind was filled with confusion, she still nodded obediently.

“Brother.” Xiao Shi gave a faint smile.

When Gu Qi saw Xiao Shi smile, he heaved a sigh of relief and smiled.

At this moment, the door opened from the outside.

Qiao Nian walked in with a smile in her high heels.
Her gaze landed gently on Xiao Shi’s face.
“Xiao Shi, I’ve just communicated with the doctor.
The doctor said that your condition is much better now.
You don’t have to stay in the hospital anymore.
I’ll bring you home to rest!”

Xiao Shi nodded obediently.

She was really happy to be able to go home and rest.

Moreover, she did not want to stay here.
Every time she lay on the bed, she could not help but recall Song Man jumping off the building.

That scene was simply too terrifying.
She was so frightened that her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

“Xiao Shi, don’t move.
I’ll pack your things.” Gu Qi felt that the little princess should not do anything.
Moreover, his sister had suffered so much in the past.
He should take good care of her.

Gu Qi was helping Xiao Shi put the cup into her bag.
His sharp eyes saw that Xiao Shi was about to get out of bed.
He hurriedly put his bag aside and bent down to place Xiao Shi’s shoes parallel to the ground before helping her out of bed.

Xiao Shi glanced at Gu Qi and was extremely touched.
She put on her shoes and was about to walk out when a pair of high heels walked up to her.

She was about to look up when she noticed that Qiao Nian had already picked her up.

Xiao Shi wrapped her arms around Qiao Nian’s neck, her heart beating faster and faster.

Being taken care of by her brother and being hugged by Auntie Nian Nian… Was this how it felt to have a family? Was this how it felt to be doted on?

Xiao Shi felt a lump in her throat.
She buried her head in Qiao Nian’s shoulder.

Seeing how obedient and adorable Xiao Shi was, Qiao Nian’s lips curved up slightly.
She reached out with her other hand and carried Xiao Shi’s school bag on one shoulder, then reached out to pull Gu Qi along.

Gu Qi looked around but did not see Gu Zhou.
He asked hesitantly, “Mommy, where’s Dad?”

“Something suddenly happened at home.
He went back first.
I’ll bring you back with me.”

Gu Qi nodded and followed Qiao Nian out.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Qiao Nian placed Xiao Shi in the back seat and helped her fasten her seatbelt.

Gu Qi sat in the back seat on the right and fastened his seatbelt.

Qiao Nian smiled, then placed her bag in the front passenger seat.
Only then did she get into the car and drive home.

Xiao Shi sat in the back seat and turned to look out of the window.
As she watched the hospital go further and further away, she seemed to see Song Man standing there, smiling at her and waving at her.

Xiao Shi’s eyes grew redder and redder.
She wiped her tears imperceptibly and sniffed quietly.

About forty minutes later, Qiao Nian drove to the entrance of the Gu family villa.

Qiao Nian slung her backpack over one shoulder and got out of the driver’s seat.

Gu Qi had already unbuckled his seatbelt and even took the initiative to unbuckle it for Xiao Shi.

Xiao Shi looked at Gu Qi gratefully.
She sighed with emotion.
It was so good to have a brother.

After the two children got out of the car, Qiao Nian locked it.
Holding one child in each hand, she led them into the villa.

When they entered the door and saw the scene inside, they were all stunned.

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