888 Kiss

Still, she pretended not to know anything.
Silently, she looked away, frowning, pretending to be troubled.
“There’s no candy now.”

Gu Zhou’s sexy Adam’s apple bobbed.
He looked at Qiao Nian with a burning gaze and licked his lips.
His voice was hoarse and sexy.

Qiao Nian’s heart was beating very fast, as if it would jump out of her chest the next moment.
She looked at Gu Zhou in surprise.
Was Gu Zhou saying sweet nothings?

However, the man grabbed the back of her head.

Qiao Nian saw Gu Zhou’s face grow larger and larger.
In the next moment, Gu Zhou kissed her lips domineeringly, as if he wanted to steal all her breath.

Qiao Nian was stunned.
Just as she was about to refuse, she didn’t expect her actions to give Gu Zhou a chance.

Without hesitation, Gu Zhou’s tongue burrowed into her lips, domineeringly wreaking havoc and not giving Qiao Nian a chance to catch her breath.

Qiao Nian’s face grew redder and redder.
She wanted to escape.

However, Gu Zhou grabbed her waist and pulled her into his arms.
She sat on Gu Zhou’s legs.

The tip of her nose was assaulted by Gu Zhou’s unique scent.
The domineering kiss was a little overwhelming.


Qiao Nian inadvertently snorted.

Perhaps it was because of her voice that Gu Zhou deepened the kiss.
He couldn’t help but hug Qiao Nian tightly, as if he wanted to embed Qiao Nian into his body, leaving her with nowhere to run.

Their bodies were pressed against each other, and their hearts were beating faster and faster.
Qiao Nian felt dizzy from the kiss.
Just as she was about to faint, Gu Zhou let go of her.

Fresh air rushed in.
Qiao Nian opened her mouth slightly, trying hard to breathe.
In front of her was Gu Zhou’s perfect and flawless face.

Gu Zhou looked down at Qiao Nian.
At this moment, Qiao Nian’s face was flushed red, and her beautiful fox-like eyes seemed to be filled with water droplets.
Her slightly parted lips were like a delicate rose, making one want to kiss her again.

How beautiful!

With this thought in mind, Gu Zhou did so.
He lowered his head and kissed Qiao Nian on the lips, then left quickly.

Seeing that Qiao Nian didn’t dodge, his eyes were filled with smiles.

Qiao Nian’s heart began to race.
She looked at Gu Zhou, whose pure and lustful eyes were filled with dominance and greed.

Her blood boiled.


Qiao Nian pursed her lips slightly and hesitated, not knowing if she should respond.

Gu Zhou wasn’t angry.
He lowered his head slightly and planted a kiss on Qiao Nian’s forehead, then quickly left again.

Qiao Nian felt especially hot where Gu Zhou had kissed her.
Such an innocent kiss was even more fatal than the kiss just now.

Qiao Nian lowered her gaze, trying hard to remain calm.
However, her rapidly beating heart still betrayed her.

She sat up, her gaze level with Gu Zhou’s.
Meeting Gu Zhou’s smiling eyes, she pursed her lips, her gaze gradually falling on Gu Zhou’s lips.

She recalled Gu Zhou kissing her just now.
Her mind was in a mess, and in the end, there was only one thought.

Without hesitation, she pressed Gu Zhou against the wall by the bed and kissed him on the lips.
She climbed onto the bed and sat on Gu Zhou’s lap with her legs apart.

She recalled how Gu Zhou had kissed her domineeringly just now and bit his lip in revenge.

Not only was Gu Zhou not angry, but he also enjoyed it very much.

Qiao Nian had no experience kissing.
She just kissed Gu Zhou instinctively.
She kissed and bit Gu Zhou.

Perhaps this passionate entanglement expressed one’s desire for another even more.

Gu Zhou’s blood boiled as well.
He took the initiative and hugged Qiao Nian in his arms.
With a flip, he pressed Qiao Nian under him.

Qiao Nian was pressed under him, panting heavily.
Her fox-like eyes were slightly open, looking enchanting and charming.

At this moment, she was like an insatiable little fox.
She licked her lips slightly and called out softly with a soul-stirring smile, “Brother Chuan.”

When Gu Zhou heard that word, his throat tightened and he pursed his thin lips.
For some reason, he especially liked Qiao Nian calling him that.


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