870 How Could She Be So Silly?

She wanted to live a better life with Gu Zhou.
She wanted to become Gu Zhou’s wife.
She wanted to be the madam of the Gu family.

However, Xiao Shi’s persuasion made her realize something.

Xiao Shi was on Gu Zhou’s side, not hers.

Xiao Shi did not want her to be with Gu Zhou.
In order not to let Xiao Shi cause trouble, she added a sleeping pill to the water she drank, hoping that Xiao Shi would sleep when Gu Zhou came over.

She really hadn’t thought of harming Xiao Shi.
She just hoped that she could sleep.

Now, it seemed that Xiao Shi knew that there were sleeping pills in the water, so she slept obediently and drank the water with sleeping pills.

She had thought that the medicine was especially effective, so she fell asleep.

Now, it seemed that Xiao Shi was just pretending to be asleep!

At that time, she was so focused on how to negotiate with Gu Zhou that she left in a panic and did not take the bottle of sleeping pills with her.

Xiao Shi must have seen the bottle of sleeping pills at that time, so she ate more than half of them.

At that time, in order to swallow the sleeping pills successfully, she even drank a lot of water.

Why was Xiao Shi so stupid?


She actually disregarded her own health for Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian.

Song Man had never expected a five-year-old child to do this.

She was simply too saintly!

Song Man’s gaze landed on Xiao Shi’s face.
Seeing her sad expression, she couldn’t bear it.

Her heart seemed to be clenched tightly by an invisible hand.
She suffocated.

She had raised Xiao Shi herself.
It would be a lie to say that she had no feelings for her.

She wanted to comfort Xiao Shi, but she didn’t know what to say.

If she agreed with Xiao Shi, it meant that she and Gu Zhou would never be together for the rest of their lives!

Why couldn’t Xiao Shi do as she wanted?

If Xiao Shi did as she wanted, Gu Zhou would definitely listen to her and marry her.
As long as she became Gu Zhou’s wife, even if she couldn’t win Gu Zhou’s heart, she would still be able to stay near him.


Her plan was perfect.

Just a little more.

However, all of this was disrupted by Xiao Shi.

What displeased her the most was that Xiao Shi would rather die than cooperate with her.

If Xiao Shi was really dead…

If Qiao Nian hadn’t realized that something was wrong today and rushed upstairs to bring Xiao Shi down, all her years of planning would have been ruined.

Not only would she not get what she wanted, but Gu Zhou might also take revenge on her.

Song Man looked at Xiao Shi’s lonely and pitiful face and sighed helplessly.
She reprimanded.
“Xiao Shi, Mommy knows that you’re a good child, but Mommy’s actions aren’t wrong.
Mommy just wants to give you a complete family.
A family should be together.”

“Mommy knows that you like your Auntie Nian Nian a lot.
You have to know one thing.
You can get along well with Auntie Nian Nian, but she’s just your auntie.
Every time you see a young and beautiful lady, you can call her Auntie, but you can’t hurt yourself for them because they’re an outsider to you!”

Song Man sighed heavily and continued, “Xiao Shi, have you thought about what Mommy will do if you leave? How sad Mommy will be.
You hurt yourself for her.
How can you let Mommy down? Mommy worked hard to raise you.”

“Ahem…” Xiao Shi couldn’t help but start coughing again, so hard that tears streamed down her face.
She sniffled and said pitifully, “Every time Mommy gets angry, she breaks things and hurts herself.
I didn’t think too much about it.
I just didn’t want Mommy to be angry again!”

When Song Man heard Xiao Shi’s words, her eyes turned red.

Seeing that Song Man had already listened to her, Xiao Shi asked carefully, “Mommy, why don’t we return to Hai Cheng? I’ll definitely work hard to earn money.
I’ll give all the money I earn to Mommy and let her live a better life!”

Song Man looked at Xiao Shi with a complicated expression and couldn’t help but sigh.

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