Qiao Nian knew that Chen Qing must be with Gu Zhou now.

On the other end of the line, Chen Qing was stunned.
He did not have the Moon Goddess at all.

Chen Qing thought about it again.
He seemed to understand what Qiao Nian had said.
His heart sank as he glanced at Gu Zhou, who was sitting not far away.

They exchanged a look.

Gu Zhou’s expression turned cold.
He tapped his fingers lightly on the coffee table.

Chen Qing paused for a moment.
Second Young Master had tapped a Morse code which meant: Danger.

Chen Qing hurriedly smiled and said, “Alright, Madam.
I’ll bring the necklace back immediately!”

On the other end of the line, Qiao Nian heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Chen Qing’s words.
Worried that she would be exposed, she hung up without hesitation.

It seemed that Chen Qing understood what she meant.

Chen Qing should be with Gu Zhou.
The two of them would definitely come to save her.

Qiao Nian heaved a sigh of relief.
Now, she only had to wait.

Ding dong.

The doorbell rang again.

The four kidnappers looked warily at the front door.

Qiao Nian’s heart instantly rose to her throat.
Something wasn’t right.
It had only been ten minutes, and they were already here?

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At this moment, a young and gentle girl’s voice came from outside the door.
“Hello, room service!”

The four men exchanged glances.

The atmosphere in the room instantly became tense.

The leader pointed his gun at Qiao Nian and coldly ordered, “Tell her now that you don’t need room service.”

The young girl outside the door said gently, “Miss Qiao, I’m really sorry.
Please open the door.
Chen will give the top three participants of this competition a jade bracelet that has been blessed by the Living Buddha.
He said that he wants me to personally give it to every participant!”

Qiao Nian tilted her head to look at the leader, as if seeking his opinion.

The leader frowned even more and whispered, “Just ask him to leave the gift at the door!”

Qiao Nian said, “Please help me thank Mr.
Just leave the gift at my door.
I’ll go get it later.”

“Miss Qiao, this gift must be delivered to you personally!”

Qiao Nian said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Mr.
Chen, but just leave it at the door.
I’ll explain it to you later.”

“Miss Qiao, if it’s not convenient for you to come out and get it, I can just open the door and send it in!”

Outside the door, the tone of the lady became stiffer.

The leader’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Wait, I’ll go get it now.
However, I have something to discuss with the bodyguard first.
Please wait a moment.”

After Qiao Nian finished speaking, the killing intent in the leader’s eyes gradually faded.

Qiao Nian heaved a sigh of relief.
She turned to look at the leader and said softly, “You should know what kind of person Mr.
Chen is, right? If this matter blows up, even if you kill me and get the Moon Goddess, I don’t think you’ll have a chance to leave this place alive!”

“Why don’t I bring the things in? By the time she leaves, the danger will have been resolved!” Qiao Nian paused for a moment before continuing, “I want to live well, and you guys want to complete the mission, don’t you?”

The leader stood there silently, as if thinking about what Qiao Nian had said.

Qiao Nian didn’t know if he would agree.
Actually, there were some small loopholes in her words.
If they were discovered, she might be finished.

If she could cooperate with these people and get the hotel service lady to send the item in, it would be better for both of them.
Besides, Mr.
Chen would not know what had happened here.

However, there was a problem.
This matter would not benefit her at all.

If the hotel service lady had forced her way in, the dead person would be the hotel service lady, not her.

After all, how could a person who had been kidnapped deliberately help the kidnappers absolve themselves of responsibility?

Qiao Nian thought that as long as she opened the door and was given a chance, she would seize the opportunity to escape.
Moreover, this was her only chance.

The leader pondered for a long time before saying, “Alright, we’ll do as you say.
If you dare to play any tricks, I’ll kill you!”

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