806 Gritting Her Teeth

Su Xue stood up and walked towards the door with a smile.
With a gentle expression, she said to Qiao Shan, “Hubby, you’re back early today.
I’ve already prepared dinner.
We can eat directly later!”

Qiao Shan nodded and took off his suit jacket.
Su Xue hurriedly took it from him and hung it on a hanger.

Qiao Shan walked into the living room.
Only then did he notice that Qiao Nian was also there.
He immediately frowned and said unhappily, “Why are you here?”

As long as Qiao Shan saw Qiao Nian, he couldn’t help but get angry.

This traitorous wretch.

Seeing Qiao Nian, he recalled how Su Xue had sex with that gigolo.

It wasn’t easy for him to forget about this, but now he remembered everything.

Not only that, but he had also been made a cuckold and imprisoned.
The two black spots in his life had all been brought to him by Qiao Nian.

Su Xue noticed that Qiao Shan didn’t look well.
Her heart instantly jumped to her throat.
With a look of fear on her face, she explained for Qiao Nian, “She’s here to get her things today.
She’ll leave after she’s done.
Don’t be angry!”

However, Qiao Shan couldn’t listen to anything.
As long as he saw Qiao Nian, he would remember the humiliation he had suffered.

“Get lost! You traitorous wretch! Get lost! I don’t want to see you in the Qiao family!” Qiao Shan pointed at the door and said angrily.

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Qiao Nian didn’t care about Qiao Shan’s anger at all.
A bright smile appeared on her face as she stood up elegantly from the sofa and said lightly, “I’m here to ask Su Xue for money today.
Now that I’ve received the money, of course I have to leave.
You don’t have to rush me…”

When Su Xue heard Qiao Nian’s words, her expression changed.
She shouted, “Qiao Nian!”

Although Qiao Shan didn’t like Qiao Nian, when he heard her words, a trace of confusion flashed in his eyes.
He felt that something was wrong.
“Ask for money? What do you want?”

Seeing that Qiao Nian was about to speak, Su Xue hurriedly said, “Hurry up and take your things and leave!”

Qiao Nian smiled and turned to walk upstairs.

“Stop right there!” Qiao Shan said coldly.

As expected, Qiao Nian stopped in her tracks.
She turned back to look at Qiao Shan and smiled sweetly.

Su Xue instantly had a bad feeling.

“You just said money.
What money?” Qiao Shan got to the bottom of the matter.

Su Xue hurriedly walked over to Qiao Shan and said, “You heard wrongly.
Qiao Nian didn’t mention money just now.
You must be hungry now.
Let me take you to the kitchen to take a look.
They are all your favorite dishes!”

Qiao Shan pushed Su Xue away, his expression darkening.

When Qiao Nian heard Qiao Shan’s words, she looked surprised.
She asked in disbelief, “Oh, don’t you know?”

Su Xue tried her best to signal Qiao Nian with her eyes, but Qiao Nian remained unmoved.
She had a bad feeling.

“Hubby, don’t listen to Qiao Nian’s nonsense.
Are you tired now? I’ll go massage your shoulders, okay?” Su Xue looked at Qiao Shan gently, her eyes filled with love.

However, Qiao Shan didn’t even look at Su Xue.
He stared at Qiao Nian with a burning gaze and said, “If you have something to say, just say it.
Don’t keep us in suspense!”

A bright smile appeared on Qiao Nian’s face as she said, “When Su Xue brought me home, she collected more than a million yuan in child support fees.
I thought you knew about this long ago.
I wonder why Su Xue collected more than a million yuan in child support fees? Could it be that she’s already raising a gigolo!”

The blood drained from Su Xue’s face, leaving her as pale as a sheet of paper.

How did Qiao Nian know everything?

When Qiao Shan heard Qiao Nian’s words, his expression instantly darkened.

A million yuan more than twenty years ago was not a small sum.

Back then, when Su Xue got the money, she actually didn’t tell him.
Perhaps Su Xue had really used the money to keep a gigolo.

The more Qiao Shan thought about it, the angrier he became.
So Su Xue had cheated on him so early on.


Su Xue was truly amazing!

He had really found himself a good wife!

Qiao Shan clenched his fists tightly, the veins on the back of his hands bulging.
He turned towards Su Xue inch by inch, his expression darkening.
He gritted his teeth in anger!

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