800 Awkward

Qiao Nian’s words reminded Su Xue of the day she was caught in the act.

That day was when she was at her most disheveled.
She yearned to delete that day from her life.

If not for that day, she would still be the madam of the Qiao family.
How could she have become a stray dog?

Su Xue was so angry that her entire body was trembling, and her eyes were red.
If looks could kill, Qiao Nian might have died a million times over.

“Enough! Shut up!” Su Xue roared.
Qiao Nian was like a slug.
No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake her off.
The sight of her made one want to throw up.

Now that Qiao Shan’s attitude towards her had finally eased a little, if Qiao Shan saw Qiao Nian again, he might remember that she was with the gigolo again!

It wouldn’t be good if she and Qiao Shan fell out again.

Qiao Nian blinked in confusion and said innocently, “How can you be fierce to me? I’m doing this for your own good!”

“What exactly are you doing here today?” Su Xue questioned in exasperation.

“Actually, it’s nothing.
I just want to know how you brought me to the Qiao family back then, and how you adopted me.
You’re not allowed to lie again!” Qiao Nian smiled at Su Xue, her eyes extremely innocent.
“I need to know every detail!”

She had to know the entire process of what had happened.
Only then could she catch the people who had caused her to be separated from her family for so many years.

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Moreover, she could not let Su Xue know that she was the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
If Su Xue found out, she might be in danger again.

She had to find out the truth about what happened back then while ensuring her safety.

She could only use this method to force Su Xue to tell the truth.

Seeing how serious Qiao Nian was, Su Xue immediately understood that Qiao Nian was really planning to get information about her background from her today.

If she lied, she might not be able to deceive Qiao Nian.
Instead, she would be in danger.

All she could do now was tell Qiao Nian the truth and send this great Buddha away.

Su Xue pondered for a while and asked worriedly, “Then if I tell you the truth, will you really leave immediately?”

“Yes, I’ll leave after I go upstairs to get my things!” Qiao Nian said calmly.

Su Xue took out her phone from her pocket.
It was still early, and Qiao Shan would probably not be back for another hour.

Su Xue glanced around the living room.
At this moment, she and Qiao Nian were alone.

She had to chase Qiao Nian away as soon as possible.
That way, Qiao Nian wouldn’t have to look for Qiao Shan anymore, and she could spend her wedding anniversary with Qiao Shan in peace.

Su Xue lowered her gaze slightly, trying hard to recall what had happened.

More than twenty years had passed, but she had a deep impression of that incident back then.

More than twenty years ago, she had already kept a gigolo outside.

Of course, she had done this behind Qiao Shan’s back.
Qiao Shan had no idea.

At that time, that gigolo had said that he wanted to start a company and earn money to marry her.
He had brought her to observe a new project.

At that time, she also felt that the project was quite profitable, so she secretly transferred a million yuan from Qiao Shan’s company account.

At that time, the Qiao family’s company did not belong to Qiao Shan alone.
Instead, there were many shareholders.
She had privately embezzled the company’s public funds.
She had wanted to return the money after she earned it.

However, she had never expected that gigolo to be so brazen as to take her money and run away with another woman.

At first, she was so upset by the gigolo’s actions that she fell ill.

Later on, she recalled that she had embezzled the company’s funds.
Most of her illness had disappeared, and she dragged her tired body back up.

If the company knew that she had embezzled public funds, she might go to jail.
She was twenty years old then.

Her twenties were her best years.
She didn’t want to spend her life in prison, so she found an excuse to return to her hometown and raise money!

Later, one morning, she was about to go to the city to buy something.
When she passed by a neighbor’s house, she heard a child sobbing softly.

She walked over and saw a three-year-old girl squatting in front of the widow’s house.
The girl was crying pitifully!

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