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Xiao Shi looked at his father’s words seriously, and his eyes lit up.

His father was good-looking, and his voice was especially pleasant to the ear.
His father was also especially smart, and his handwriting was especially good-looking!

Her daddy was simply the most perfect daddy in the world.
No one could compare to him.

Gu Zhou listed out all the equations.
He gradually entered a state of tutoring.
Seeing Gu Qi studying seriously, his eyes were filled with relief.

After Gu Zhou finished explaining this question, he looked at Gu Qi and asked, “Do you understand how to solve this question now?”

Xiao Shi nodded and said, “Thank you, Daddy.
I already understand how to solve theis!”

“Learning requires revision.
Understand this question first.
I’ll find a similar question for you to do later!” Gu Zhou said calmly.

“Okay!” Xiao Shi obediently began to solve this question through Gu Zhou’s solution.

For some reason, Xiao Shi felt that her father was better at lecturing than Brother Lingling.
Indeed, her father was the best.

Gu Zhou watched as Gu Qi solved that question.
He sat at the side and thought about a similar question.

After Gu Qi finished that question, he handed the question he had set to Gu Qi and said, “Try this question!”

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“Okay!” Xiao Shi brought the paper over, then picked up a pen and began to solve the questions in the blank space under the paper.

Gu Zhou had thought that it would take Gu Qi a while to figure out the solution, but Gu Qi solved the question without thinking.

Gu Zhou looked at Gu Qi in surprise.
Gu Qi was really good at learning.
He had only taught Gu Qi once, but Gu Qi could actually solve a similar question.

For a moment, he even suspected that Gu Qi knew how to do this question to begin with and was just pretending not to.

Xiao Shi handed the paper to Gu Zhou.
Her grape-like eyes sparkled as she looked at Gu Zhou and asked seriously, “Daddy, did I do the right thing this time?”

Gu Zhou met Gu Qi’s expectant gaze and gradually dispelled his doubts.

Thinking about it, this kind of question was not something a kindergarten child should do.
Gu Qi might just be good at studying.

At the thought of this, Gu Zhou heaved a sigh of relief and nodded.
“Yes, that’s the right thing to do!”

Xiao Shig pointed at the next question in the exercise book and read it out seriously.
“For this question, a team of students is going to participate in an event outside the school.
They are walking from the school at a speed of 4,000 meters per hour, but after more than half an hour, the school has something to pass to the captain, so the communications officer rode his bicycle and chased after him at a speed of 14,000 meters per hour.
May I know how long it will take for the communications officer to catch up to the student team?”

After Xiao Xue finished reading, she pouted and said, “Isn’t this question a little too difficult? Daddy, I don’t know this question either!”

Gu Zhou frowned.
If he remembered correctly, these questions should only be learned in junior high mathematics!

It was a little too early for Gu Qi to learn this.

Although he wanted to tell Gu Qi that he would do these questions when he grew up, when he thought about how Gu Qi was curious about these questions now, he couldn’t kill the curiosity of a child and thought of a way to explain them to him in simpler language.

Without waiting for Gu Zhou to speak, Xiao Shig continued, “Daddy, you’re so amazing.
You’ll definitely do this question!”

Gu Zhou was speechless.

Gu Zhou was silent for a moment.
He took out a piece of paper and began to solve the equations.

He was worried that Gu Qi wouldn’t understand.
Every time he wrote a step, he would ask Gu Qi.

Xiao Shi would nod every time.

After explaining this question, Gu Zhou gave Gu Qi another question and handed it to him.

Xiao Shi took the piece of paper and swiftly wrote down the steps to solve the problem.

When she lived in Hai Cheng, her neighbor, Auntie Gao, was a junior high mathematics teacher.
She had learned all her mathematics from Auntie Gao.

Auntie Gao saw that she was smart.
Not only did she teach her elementary school math, but she also taught her middle school math.
If she hadn’t come to look for her grandparents, Auntie Gao would have begun to teach her high school math.

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