768 Heartache for Her

As Xiao Shi was worried about their mother, who was far away in Hai Cheng, it affected Gu Qi’s mood.
The two children had no appetite.

Qiao Nian smiled at Xiao Shi and said gently, “Xiao Shi, can you give me a copy of your address? I’ll send someone to pick up your mommy later, okay?”

When she heard Qiao Nian’s words, Xiao Shi’s eyes lit up, but that light disappeared in an instant.
She shook her head gently and pursed her lips.
“There’s no need.”

Qiao Nian smiled and said, “Don’t you miss her very much? Isn’t it good for me to bring her over now?”

“Okay!” Xiao Shi nodded, then shook her head.
“But Mommy won’t leave with anyone else.
Mommy will only believe me!”

Qiao Nian smiled gently at Gu Qi and asked, “Xiao Qi, I still remember saying that you wanted ne to help you find your mommy.
Although I haven’t been able to find her, your mommy has already appeared.
Don’t you want to see her sooner?”

Gu Qi nodded and said, “Yes!”

Qiao Nian smiled brightly and said, “Isn’t that good? I’ll get someone to bring your mommy over so that you can reunite sooner!”

Although Qiao Nian said that, she felt that her mother might not be her biological mother.

It was hard for her to imagine a mother asking her five-year-old to do so much work.

Perhaps that woman was just an adopted mother .

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She really couldn’t understand what difficulties a woman could have to make a five-year-old girl work.

She had given birth before.
If her child had not passed away back then, she would definitely have done her best to take care of her child and make her child happy.
She would never have let them live such a miserable life.

She was just an outsider.
When she saw the calluses on Xiao Shi’s hands, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for this child.

Didn’t her mother’s heart ache for her child at all ?

What she wanted to do now was to bring that woman back first.
When the time came, she would take the opportunity to do a paternity test for that woman and Xiao Shi.
She wanted to see if the two of them were related by blood.

Moreover, she had already promised Gu Qi that she would help him find his mommy.
Now was a good opportunity.

At the thought of this, Qiao Nian smiled at Xiao Shi and said, “I was thinking that if I could pick up your mommy as soon as possible, your family would be able to reunite sooner.
Xiao Shi, can you give me one of your tokens? That way, your mommy will believe that you’re with me now.
At that time, my people will be able to bring her over!”

Xiao Shi stared unblinkingly at Qiao Nian.
She blinked her black grape-like eyes and asked, “Auntie Nian Nian, if my mommy comes here, won’t you feel terrible?”

Xiao Shi’s words stunned Qiao Nian.
She hadn’t expected Xiao Shi to ask such a question.
A faint smile appeared on her face as she asked, “That’s nothing.
Your mommy and daddy are going to reunite.”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Xiao Shi lowered his gaze slightly.
“If my mommy comes, what will happen to you and Daddy?”

The smile on Qiao Nian’s face gradually faded, and her heart ached.

She was just a child.
She was only five years old, but she was already thinking about adults’ feelings.

Logically speaking, a child like her should think that her mommy and daddy were the best.
No one else was good.

She hadn’t expected him to consider her.
She was a little touched.

“Xiao Shi, we all have our own fates in this world.
My relationship with your daddy is our own business.
Moreover, your mommy has suffered so much.
She should be leading a better life now, not living hard.”

Although Qiao Nian felt that it was a little awkward for that girl to be with Gu Zhou, the two of them had both been schemed against back then.

Moreover, girls had to treat girls better.

No matter what happened, it was still a girl who was injured.

Moreover, that girl had bravely given birth to twins!

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